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8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire by Bo Sanchez (Book Review)

millionaireTitle: 8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire
Author: Bo Sachez
Rating: 5/5

It has a catchy title, isn’t? Who doesn’t want to become a millionaire? And that is the main reason why my eyes twinkled when I saw this book lying at the center table of my tita’s house (which also happen to be a millionaire).

At the back of my mind, these are the kinds of books that they read that’s why they are successful.

Bo Sanchez has been a household name in the Philippines. His books are one of the best sellers in the country today and his niche include financial freedom and inspirational/motivational topics.

I’m not that much of a fan prior reading this book, although I have read a few of his books already. This might be that one book that made me want to become a millionaire like Bo. The term “happy” made a lot of difference. Because ever since, money is not everything for me – happiness does, not only mine but so as the people around me.

Money has never been the only precursor of success for me.

There are two biggest take away that I got from this book. Two take aways that hit me.

  1. Define Your Wealth

    Bo has defined his wealth the way I want my wealth to be defined. His wealth resonates mine – relationship, health and his generosity to other people. These wealth will never equate with any amount of money. In reality, no matter how many zero’s there are in your bank account, the way you define your wealth will never be enough. Money can not buy everything.

  2. Be Aggressive

    Some people may say I’m a little aggressive but in reality, I started as a passive person. I had inferiority complex and when I read this part of the book, it hit me so hard that I want to start my dream of becoming a millionaire, right away!

    No more time must be wasted for I felt that I have wasted 30 years already, that I really want it badly.

This book empowers you to start right now – with where you are and what your current disposition is.

It helped me understand that aggressiveness is never a bad thing, as long as you focus yourself to what matters the most and never be off tracked by nonsense arguments.

A book that will open your mind into the possibilities of becoming your “dream”

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