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A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks (Books Review)

Title: A Walk to Remember
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Rating: 5/5

This is indeed a walk to be remembered. Made you realize that life is too short to be spent with resentments and hatred. It has pictured that true love comes in different mysterious ways. No age limit. It comes unexpectedly. Love comes when it should come. No holds bar. It will sprout when it’s time and no one could tell who, when, where and how.

Jaimee Sullivan and Landon Carter had known each other since they were kids but they had never been friends although they attended most of their classes together. He hasn’t paid attention to her because the students there find her strange and weird. However, Landon can’t find a date for their homecoming dance because he just broke up with his gf and the only decent girl available is Jaimee. He asked her to be his date and she gladly said Yes, in one condition that he won’t fall in love with her.

As they worked on their projects together, they can’t help but fall for each other but, some good thing are not meant to last that long. And Jaimee is a lucky girl to do the things she wished to do before finally letting go.

“A short life well-spent is better than a long life spent in darkness”


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