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books in my baggage - mission and vision


  • To create a community of Book Readers.



  • To make people realize the importance of books and reading
  • Provide spoiler free books reviews (as much as possible) to jump start the Book Geek Wannabe’s desire to start and finish a book that they will love to read, re-read and even share to their friends and love ones.
  • To inspire more people to read books and take the first step and start the habit of reading.
  • To encourage reading most especially to children, teens and adolescents; and also for parents (young adults and adults), to include reading as one of the most important activity for their kids
  • To give motivational quotes that can trigger the Book Geek Wannabe’s interest with reading and start the ball rolling.
Books in My Baggage hopes to inspire other people to read books. That books can let you be in a dream world which can trigger your creativity, idealism and emphathy towards other people.

Get ahead from the rest! Read More, Be More!
Start the habit of reading and realize what you can learn from within <3

What to Expect From This Blog

books in my baggage - confessions of a book geek Wannabe
 Aside from being a book geek wannabe, the author of this blog is also an aspiring writer. This is where she’d confess some of her bouts on different topics related to reading and books.

Some of her Book Geek Wannabe Confessions

books in my baggage - book reviews
Book Review is the main gist of this blog. This is a blog that wishes to write articles about books available in the market today; what people can expect from it and would also provide some synopsis and quotations available. It’s all about the reader’s reading experience, as they meet and indulge themselves in that particular book.

Rating Guide :

books in my baggage - books latest updates

This feature is like a preview of the next books that will be reviewed in this blog. Some updates about bookstores and other reading and writing engagements would also be featured here. Might also inlcude some teaser promotions from different authors.


Yes! We are opening this blog to guest posts and guest bloggers/authors and writers. To those who have their own Book Geek Wannabe Struggles and who wants to share it to the world, feel free to shoot us an email and be heard by our fellow Book Geek Wannabe’s.

The journey to a “reading” you will never be easy and therefore, we should inspire each other to read more for this habit will eventually change your lives in the long run.

book cover reveals

This blog has a few book cover reveals but would love to accept MORE from different authors. Feel free to contact us!

books in my baggage - author interviews

Author Interview is one way to help authors market their books. Here are some list of book authors that Books in My Baggage Blog Interviewed.

Hope to interview more authors in the future.



Book Geek Wannabe Academy is the newest menu on this blog. This houses articles on how to become a book geek or a book reader. This part of this blog will give you some tips on how to start the habit of reading and what can be the possible genre you can start on.

We will also attach a Contact Us form so we can address your concerns/questions on how we started the habit of reading. You can also submit your own Book Geek Wannabe Confessions! Isn’t it exciting? 🙂

Speaking of excitement, we are also excited to announce that you can buy your favorite books here in this website already! Book Geek Wannabe Bookshop is now open to serve you! Just click the picture below and be redirected to our online bookstore.

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Start the habit of reading and realize what you can Learn from within ❤️

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We are indeed growing! 🙂 We will be launching our Student’s Corner by September 2017 <3

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