Advanced Composition by Josephine Serrano and Trinidad M. Ames (Book Review)

advanced composition booksTitle: Advanced Composition
Author: Josephine B. Serrano and Trinidad Ames
Rating: 4/5

This was my English book when I studying in college, taking up my Nursing degree course, way back in 2006. But during that time, I haven’t figured out the best way to study or even read a book and that time, my study habits were premature and very ineffective. I don’t even remember opening this book before. But, as I was cleaning up my college book shelf, I saw this again and I thought that this book will be very useful for me today. The table of contents was so luring that I grab my pencil and start studying.

This book is all about writing and creating good composition – the reason it caught my attention. I’ve read a few writing books in the past but this is the most effective for me. Other writing books I read were mostly written for a different audience or  is not the type of writing that I want to study. This one is written by a Filipino author for Filipino audience that is why it has addressed most the things I needed, to be able to write effectively. And since a local wrote this, they have an idea about the struggles that we face as a Filipino aspiring writers.

The sample exercises were brilliant too  and was the best part for me. Though you have to religiously do those practices and examples, those stuff can be a good start to master writing.

But, since it was written a few years ago when internet wasn’t that big of a deal yet, the fourth edition (if there is any) should include references from the world wide web. Somehow, it has to be recognized too because we don’t use encyclopedia that much these days already. And at the same time, legitimate resources must also be tackled because not all things posted in the web should be believed in.

A good reference book to those who are doing research, business letter or thesis.

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