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Image result for alamat ng gubat Title: Alamat ng Gubat
Author: Bob Ong

About the Book and the Author

The book, “Alamat ng Gubat” was published and distributed during 2003. It is the fourth book published by Bob Ong. Bob Ong is renowned Filipino author and known for writing about the country’s culture, society and the different issues that our country experienced or still experiences. The story is written in Tagalog and contains some colloquial words, but has a deep meaning.

Plot of the Story

The book Alamat ng Gubat tells the endeavors and the struggles of a crab named Tong who was instructed by his queen mother to find and retrieve the magical “Puso ng Saging” from the mountains to cure his frail father, Haring Talangka. In his journey to retrieve the “Puso ng Saging”, he met different animals like a crocodile, a lion, and a turtle.


Book Critique

The evaluators find the book applicable to the modern Filipino society. The book, “Alamat ng Gubat” reminds the evaluators of a similar book published by George Orwell titled “Animal Farm”. The critiques find the author’s style as untraditional because, the typical elements of a children’s short story could be found in this book but at the same time adults can still enjoy this book because the allegorical story focuses on the Philippine society and it involves political satire.

                We could classify this book as a humorous type of story, the author used different styles in entertaining its readers.

Bob Ong gives an initial impression of a serious narration of the story but afterwards gives a comical statement. Another style of entertainment is that the author arranges concepts and ideas in the story in a logical manner but inserts unrelated statements which results in an amusing kind of parallelism. Bob Ong also use various figures of speech in the story; simile, metaphor, and paradox are utilized to increase the sense of humor in describing the characters.

Despite the load of humor, deep, serious, and meaningful passages are exhibited in the story.

The ingenuity of Bob Ong is manifested in the story. Bob Ong used animals to symbolize the current state of the Philippines. He used the insects to portray the masses, while the animals represent the people with power and the rich who could manipulate the poor. Symbols can be found in every character, circumstances, and, discussion. Bob Ong’s creativity is exhibited through the application of allusions and ambiguity on the characters.

The book gave enough discussion and depth to its characters even though it is fast-paced and is just a short story.

The book is indeed an eye-opener, it makes the readers realize the different problems in our society. It challenges the readers to act and be assertive on whatever situation we are in, also not to be afraid to challenge the system.

About the Writers and How Do they See Themselves 10 years from Now

Jan Louis G. De Guzman, Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

 is a low-key writer-to-be. She loves reading so much

Exactly a decade from now, I view myself as a graduate of Medicine, officially a doctor, who is undertaking Post-MD Training or Residency in one of the prominent hospitals in the Philippines. I can see myself developing my skills, expanding my knowledge, and gaining experiences which could definitely help me in becoming successful in my career.

At this point of time I’m still focused on studies and in my profession, not having any distractions, but I’m enjoying a well-balanced life.

I am now investing for my own future and also for my family.  10 years from now, I may have started to develop my plan in terms of family, lifestyle, shelter/house, and other basic needs. I am now on the next phase in life so I can predict that I’m almost developed physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. I believe that I’m on the next step in my way to contribute to the society and the world and will leave a legacy for the future generations.

Jan Ephraim Z. Felipe , Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

                In 10 years, I see myself as a successful Occupational Therapist and an alumnus of the University of the Philippines Manila. In that time, I would still be proving my worth to my parents and relatives. I think that I will be very satisfied of my occupation in life. I hope that in that time I would start my own charity for the less-fortunate people. In that time, I have already started to invest on my future retirement. In 10 years, I would be a better person than I am right now. Lastly, I hope that my faith in God will be much stronger and everything that I will do should be according to his will.

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