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American Genius: Steve Jobs by Amanda Ziller (Book Review)

Image result for American Genius: Steve Jobs by Amanda ZillerTitle: American Genius: Steve Jobs
Author: Amanda Ziller
Ratings: 5/5

Honestly, this 200 peso-162 page book is overwhelming. I have been dreaming of reading a book about Steve Jobs for some time now and thanks to my sisters who bought this for me as their Christmas gift. ~!~

Once you started reading this, you can’t get enough of it and it will turn its pages on its own. You’ll never know, you’re done.

It’s a MUST READ book. Steve Jobs may seem to be overrated for some but for me, He is one of the modern geniuses that happen to live in our era. He is Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison of our time.

His story will always be very inspiring and a reader will definitely learn something that you can apply in your daily life.

His life is very moving. He has exceptional talent and attitude that has changed the world. I value the first three chapters of this book most because that is the part where he started from being a simple child like us. He has innate abilities that should be admired and amidst his evident success, he kept his foot on the ground and remained humble. Most of the first part was funny because he deals with his life different compared with children his age.

One of my most envied quality of him is his resiliency. He never gives up and continue to work and dream, heartbreak after heartbreak. He keeps going no matter how screwed his life has been. This was seen on him when he was ousted in his own company. Though he was at the rock bottom, it never stopped him from envisioning great things. He believed in his dream and work so d*mn hard to achieve it. Every detail is very important to him no matter how big or small it is.

He is passionate, driven and focused.

Here are some of my favorite parts of his life.

  • At the age of 12, he contacted one of the owners of HP (Yes, Hewlett-Packard) to get what he wants and then later on, offered him a summer job.
  • At the same age, his usual peers are his engineer and  entrepreneur neighbors. He used to hang out with people older than him and they have taught him a lot about computers.
  • When he was Apple’s CEO, he replied to an email of a 10-year-old boy (sort of his kind payback because the owner of HP listened to him when he was at the same age bracket)
  • When he was working in “Atari” one of the gaming companies, he was described as a difficult person to work with because he thinks, dresses and smelled differently from the rest. “He smelled funny” and that’s why, he was assigned to work at night alone in their office.
  • When he was ousted from Apple, he created two companies that really struggled to be at the top and proved his perseverance.

Actually, there are a lot more highlights in his life and this book could be just a very short summary of his life, yet, the gist is still there.

Thanks to the author who made it an easy to read book. Something short but the important details are there.


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