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Auggie & Me by RJ Palacio (Book Review)

Wonder by RJ Palacio, Auggies and MeTitle: Auggie & Me (Three Wonder Stories)
Author: RJ Palacio
Rating: 5/5

This book is never a prequel or sequel of the the author’s first book, Wonder. However, before reading this, I highly recommend you reading the Wonder first because not only will you understand the context better, you’d appreciate every character more.

Auggie and Me is a compilation of three wonderful stories –

The Julian Chapter

(which I thought was part of Wonder because of how controversial this character is),

The second is entitled “Pluto Chapter

but is in the point of a view Auggie’s friend, Christopher whom he has been friends before he studied in Beecher Prep School.

The last story is entitled “Shingaling

that is in the point of view of Charlotte – Auggie’s welcome buddy when he entered school.

This book made me crave for more stories. I was thinking of other people’s point of view, like of the other characters like Ximena Chin and Mrs. Atanabi.  It was a feeling of longing because I felt like the other characters have much more depth in them than how other people know them.

Kindness is the main value that this books want to emphasize

however, other than that, if there is another things RJ Palacio had taught me because of this book, it’s about knowing the whole scenario before judging people. Sometimes, we tend not to see things in different angles and we just start reacting without really knowing the whole picture. Thus creates more drama and miscommunication which then leads to broken ties.

I realize how important it is to listen to other version of the story and see where the mishap was and start correcting from there. Facing the problem right then and there will definitely make a difference.

A book about humility, friendship and kindness.

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Loved this book. I have read small of the books to my 5th grade class. They love them. We had the opportunity to write our own versions prior to the publication. They enjoyed comparing what they thought these characters would say to what they really said in this new book.


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