Author Interview: Jonas Dupo of “How to Start Your Day Right?”

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1. Who is Jonas Dupo?

jonas dupo.jpgI’m a Filipino registered nurse currently working as an acute care nurse here in the Sultanate of Oman almost three years now. I came from a poor family and was able to chase success after a college given me a privilege to study under full scholarship for my baccalaureate degree in nursing. Honestly, I have a goal to finish post graduate studies and was able to finish master in public health and Master of Science in nursing major in nursing administration. Four years ago, I experienced rock bottom and I thought I will never come out again working for my dreams. I had so many questions about life and dreams and it lead me to start reading inspirational and self – help books. I bought one book and enjoyed, then buy another book again until I have bunch of inspirational books in my bookshelf. One day I woke up with eagerness to share the wisdom I have gained by launching my own Youtube Channel called Jonas Dupodcast, a Facebook page called “Choose Life and my own website with book review and inspirational stories. Through these I was able to share my ideas and wisdom about living our fullest and highest potentials.

2. What is the Title of your ebook and how did you come up with it?

How-to-start-your-day-rightThe title of my book is “How to Start Your Day Right?: Seven Practical Tips”. I have many friends who are living a miserable life because of their daily habits. Our daily habits have a compound effect in the totality of our being. Whether these are good or bad habits, it will contribute to our failures and successes. When I read many books, I learned valuable morning habits and I used them. When I started using them, I was able to create a positive outlook in life. I developed a daily directions. Through this, I became excited about life, about dreams and about hope.

3. Who and what are your inspiration in writing this ebook?

I was inspired by the people I know who are living a life of mediocrity especially the people that I loved and valued. Through this inspiration, I committed to produce a simple and life changing book. In our world today, many people are being defeated not because they are not fighting their birth right to become successful but because they have no idea on what to fight in the first place.

4. What is your ebook all about and what can the readers expect from this book?

The books provided 7 morning routines that are practical and easy to use. Maybe some people are already doing the routines but this book was able to organize and cover every aspect of our lives from spirituality, mental, emotional and physical self. The morning routines include the power of prayer and why it is always necessary to start our day with a prayer. The readers will also understand the importance of creating their life’s dreams and being able to read and declare it every day. There are also list of inspirational songs that they can play while they are preparing their daily activities while preparing their food, taking a bath and going to work. Lastly, there is a component of our physical health that we need to prioritize like doing a morning exercise and eating a healthy breakfast. When all of these routines are combined together, it will have compounding effects that will elevate our way of life.

5. What is your favorite chapter from it and why?

Chapter 3 is all about The Power of Visualization. This is my favorite chapter because it talks about visualizing our dreams. We can start it by doing a soul searching activity so that we will discover our life’s ultimate dreams. After writing all of our dreams, it is necessary to meditate and declare it to God’s universe. I am a dreamer. I have big dreams and I encourage everyone to have their dreams too. Most people drop the idea of dreaming because of their past experiences of failures and frustrations. I want to tell everyone that failure is always a part of our journey. Most successful people actually experienced the most painful experiences and they use it to their advantage and not as a reason to give up. So if you don’t have a list of dreams up to this time, be very afraid. Maybe you will receive something that you do not like because in the first you do not know what you want. Clarity precedes success. If we want to become successful, we should have a crystal clear dreams.

6. What’s your message to the book geek wannabe’s who wants to start the habit of reading?

To everyone who are improving their knowledge through leading, I applaud you for that. Robin Sharma once said, “Knowing how to read and not reading at all is same as not knowing how to read.” Use that God given ability because we just don’t know until when we can utilize it. Develop the passion and always look your vision from a distant. It will help you big time. Moreover, always take one step at a time accompanied by consistency. Quality is always better than quantity. It is better to read little chapter or pages and understand it than reading volume of pages but did not comprehend anything. Consistency however is always needed so that we will always on track.

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7. Aside from your ebook, what are your other top 5 book recommendations?

I have many favorites and it’s difficult for me to cut it to best five books. However, these books for me have been written flawlessly and full of valuable lessons every page. I remember reading these five books like a hungry lion not wanting to drop it or miss any page.

a. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

This book will allow you to discover your ultimate destiny by creating principles necessary for you to create a dream, set goals, work on it and live with it.

b. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The famous book of Rhonda Byrne that presented the concept of the Law of attraction to our world. This is a powerful book that will utilize the power of our minds and living a life of positivity.

c. Destined To Reign by Joseph Prince

This is my favorite Spiritual book that explains about Grace of Jesus. This book covers a radical grace that enable me to understand the most important act Jesus did on the Cross. This book made me cry many times.

d. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hillchoose-life

Like I’ve said, I am a dreamer and I dream big dreams. I want to become wealthy in order for me to help many people who are living in poverty. This classic book will give us basic principles about the law of money. At first it is difficult to understand because the examples provided were based from American history. However, the concepts of wealth discussed are still true and applicable today.

e. 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich by Bro. Bo Sanchez

Bro. Bo Sanchez is my favorite Filipino author because of his simplicity and practicality in writing. He was able to save me when I experienced rock bottom. I was born poor and for many years my family live from hand to mouth. Poverty is a not so good thing for me that I hated it. This book will explain why the Philippines is still a third world country and what we can do so that we can transform it into a first world country.

To Trixie, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. I appreciate your commitment to inspire all the readers and followers of “Book in Baggage”. I am one with your vision.

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