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Ate (sister), why book geek WANNABE?”

That is the very first question that Trina, blogger’s sister asked, when she saw this blog’s tag line.

“Why WANNABE? Not just – book geek?”

Because the author, Trixie, from Manila Philippines, NEVER considered herself as a book geek. She is a book geek wannabe.

She started to be hooked in reading after graduating from college; when she was young, she never really enjoyed reading and just like the others, she also dreaded it. It must have been her best lullaby. But one time, this quote has stabbed her right into her heart.

Lemony Snicket quote 2

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” – Lemony Snicket

It made her feel that she must have been missing a lot because she doesn’t read any other books aside from her nursing books and textbooks from high school and elementary, which were actually read, out of her fear to be scolded by her teacher, for not doing her homework. She never read out of leisure. But, being friends and being exposed with book geeks made her feel so out-of-place and thought of creating a good habit of reading. She’d thought, it’s NEVER too late to change! With the help of the right people (I will forever be thankful for them!), she started to expose herself to different types of book genre.

This habit of reading became a hobby and now, became a vow.

She promised herself to read at least 2 books a month, no matter how busy her life is. It must have been lame for the real “book geeks”, but this is the most realistic goal that she can create for herself. And since 2008 up until now, she had never abandon that vow and sometimes, even go beyond her goal.

She has a vision of creating a world of book readers because, just like her, she wants you to appreciate this hobby and make you realize how important reading is.

She created this blog as her personal book journal where she would record her book reviews and other confessions as she was struggling trying to be a “book geek”.

This book geek wannabe was also mystified by how reading books has improved her writing skills, which is her best communication tool. She started to be hooked, thus the birth of this book blog.  Right at this moment, the books in this blog doesn’t have a single genre. It’s all because the author loves variety. She’d read 3 different book genre at a time and find this so amusing.

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