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Behind the Blog by Kryz Uy (Book Review)

Title: Behind the Blog
Author: Kryz Uy
Rating: 5/5

2009 was the start of my blogging hobby. Writing has always been my stress reliever. When I was younger, ranting online liberates me (ok fine, yes, until now. I have to keep it in moderation tho). But then, when I stumble upon few bloggers like Kryz Uy, they made me want to start my own blog too.

Kryz Uy is a fashion blogger and there ain’t any fashionista blood in my veins.

But although we have different genre, she empowers me to write my heart out. She has been an inspiration for young girls to follow what their hearts desires.

After reading this book, it gave me a feeling that I am on the right track.

My favorite part here is, about editing pictures. I can relate to her 100% because as a blogger too, I have to edit my photos and I felt like I am doing it the right way (just like how she does it). Kryz validated my works.

An inspirational book for those who wants to start their own blog and encourages you to follow your dreams.

A story of a girl who chases success and never get tired of becoming her dream. A woman on fire.


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