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A Book Geek Wannabe Confession

2012 was the birth of this blog and I don’t usually celebrate its birthday. It was never a big deal. Never have I thought that four years after it’s birth, I’d be able to read at least 120 books already.

Reading started as an “impossible” dream for me and has now empowered my first love – writing. The former, was my first hobby – expressing myself through writing poems, short stories and I would usually talk to myself through writing. However, in times when I ran out of things to say but my mind was struggle to write for anything, it was when reading saved me from that misery. It enhances my creativity, vocabulary and most especially, my thoughts about the world and what life is.

One of the reason why I blog about books is about creating something out of nothing.

Not only through words or empty blog posts but also with how this blog looks like. Changing and looking for blog themes is like shopping for my own clothes. My blog needs to look good because it represents me. My blog is me – where I put all my heart and my emotions into.

Another reason why I write blogs is my short term memory lapses.

When someone asks me, about a certain book, most of the time, I can’t explain its specifics. I can usually usually tell them why I love it and the transformation it has caused my life – my emotion while I was reading it, but never the details about it. Hence, blogging came into the picture – it is where I’d store those details. Should I want to revisit a certain book and the topics that was incorporated in it, I can just log in to

Blogging helps me record these stuff that I tend to forget, especially if it has been years since I’ve read a certain novel or story.

I sometimes miss some important points and when I re-read my reviews, it made me feel I have visited an old friend – which can instantly make me feel better. As what Elizabeth Gilbert say in her book, Big Magic – You have to do something that will make you happy. Do not do it for the sake of other people – do it because you love it otherwise, you won’t feel the desire and the burning passion inside. Anything done with that burning gusto will go a long way.

Blogging books help me remember the feelings and thus helps me share it with people not only whom I get to physically know but also to strangers that is on the other side of the of world.

Blogging makes me think that the world is small and we can change the world, one book blog post a time.

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