Bitter Sweet Love by Michael Faudet (Book Review)

Title: Bitter Sweet Love
Author: Michael Faudet
Rating: 4/5

Important Note: An adult material. 

Michael Faudet’s writing was mysterious. Makes you wonder how did he come up with these passages and makes you think, who and what are his inspiration. As noted above, this is an adult material and if you are younger and less experienced in the love department(or doesn’t have an eye for erotica), then maybe it’ll be much difficult to appreciate this genre.

His writing is about variety of topics that may be limited to love, sex, pleasure, relationship and loss. A person who is currently at the rough road of moving on could also have a much better edge in appreciating this masterpiece.

He will bring you somewhere weird.

It’ll accompany you to a world of fantasy that makes you wonder why were you in that scene in the first place.  You’d be left with a feeling of both wonder and love. Yes, you will feel loved by his writing. He’s a passionate writer and at the back of your mind, I wish somebody will look at me like how Michael looks at Lang Leav (yes, THE Lang Leave). How wonderful it must have been to find somebody, that has the same interest as you do! I’m also wondering how often do they exchange poems and love letters.

Somehow, you’d feel that Michael Faudet, just like any other guy (who’d usually deny it) is hopeless romantic too. Thank you for the love, Faudet! 🙂

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Mr. Faudet has managed once again to leave me enthralled with his words and the soul from which they emerge. Bitter Sweet Love is a fantastic balance of poignant poetry and sexy flash/short stories.

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