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the snowball effectWhen I stumble upon Kristin’s blog in 2012, I had been turned into an ordinary reader to a fan because of  how she writes. I can feel the passion in each of her posts and when she announced that she will be releasing a book, I was so thrilled as well. I thought that book geek wannabe’s who love inspirational stuff would enjoy this book and this is an opportunity for me to interview her (at last!) in this blog.

1. Can you give the readers a glimpse about yourself.

I am an author, speaker, and a licensed psychotherapist. Prior to entering the mental health field, I taught elementary and middle school for ten years. I live with my husband and my two children in Virginia.
I have an inspirational website, The Snowball Effect.

2. How and when did you started blogging?

I began blogging two years ago on January 31, 2012. I began because I am passionate about helping people live happy, healthy, positive, and productive lives.

3. Have you always dreamed of becoming an author?

No. When I was in undergraduate school, I did not even like to write. This passion hit me several years ago when I was working with substance abusers and extremely depressed individuals at an inpatient psychiatric hospital. I wanted to help our patients find hope again. My journey to becoming an author began with passionate research. I consumed books and wanted to know what would help improve people’s lives. I eventually developed my own guide (my book) based on my research and what I saw working with my patients. I also discovered that the principles in this guide can help anyone live a more positive life, even people who aren’t depressed at all. I know that the principles in this guide/book have helped me, my friends, and my family.

4. What Made you decide to write a book? And who are are your inspiration?

The Snowball Effect Book

I decided to write a book because I found tools and techniques through my research and experience as a therapist that really improved lives. I am passionate about instilling hope in others! I am inspired everyday by my therapy clients and my blogging community. People go through so much adversity and I admire their courage to persevere and continue to improve their lives. I am also inspired by my family and friends. They are amazing!

5. Why did you entitled your book as “The Snowball Effect”?

I often use the term “snowball” in therapy. When people want to make big changes in their lives, change is not immediate. It is a process, similar to making a snowball. You must start by doing just one thing different to get you “snowballing” in a different direction. Then one change often leads to others. And like a snowball, change may be slow and difficult initially, but it slowly and then more quickly picks up momentum. This momentum can create a positive or a negative snowball effect. In my book, I discuss how to avoid the negative snowball effect and how to build positive momentum to get moving in the right direction- A wonderful direction that will make you unstoppable regardless of what gets in your way.

6. What would the readers expect on your book? And How would you like the readers remember “The Snowball Effect”?

The readers can expect to be inspired and to get their lives moving in a more positive and productive direction if they apply and practice the principles in this book. They can expect moving stories about people who have applied the principles presented in the book and step by step tools and techniques. I would like them to remember that although change is difficult and usually not immediate, they can get “snowballing” in an amazing direction. The book will show them how.

7. Where can we get the copy of your book?

My website The Snowball Effect, Authorhouse bookstore online,,

8. What is your personal favorite chapter?

That is difficult to say because they all go together. They are steps to a happier life. One builds on another. You can’t have one without the other. We are building through the book- building positive momentum.

9. You said you love reading too but what genere of books are you into? And what type would you recommend to the book geeks wannabes?

People like many different types of books. It really just depends on the person. I am passionate about inspirational, motivational, personal growth, and psychology books because I am passionate about helping people live more fulfilling lives. The book The Four Agreements is one of my personal favorites.

10. Parting words.. (any messages to the would-be readers of your book and readers of your blog)

Read my book, The Snowball Effect: How to Build Positive Momentum in Your Life and practice the tools and techniques in the book. I have seen them work on so many people. Life is short. You deserve to live a happy life and you can, regardless of the obstacles that have blocked your path. Remember some people just go through life, while others grow through life. Be one who grows. You are worth it!

What an inspiration! Thank you again Kristin for this interview and the book geek wannabe wish you all the best. Continue to be an inspiration to a lot of people.

Book Title:
The Snowball Effect:
How to Build Positive Momentum in Your Life
Author: Kristin Barton Cuthriell

Where to get the book:
The Snowball Effect Website

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