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Woman hand holding credit cardDefinition of Terms:
CC = Credit card

Before having my own credit card, a year ago, I thought, I was the type who can’t be able to control my impulse to shop.

But, thank goodness, for the past one year of having a CC, my debt didn’t go beyond 5,000PHP a month. At least, I have everything under control.

One specific thing I am grateful, for having my own CC – it gave me the guts to buy books that I will never buy in cash.

Because, though hurtful it is to admit, I am a miser. I don’t buy branded clothes and things, I don’t travel a lot and I am really in control of my finances. Minimalism has always been my mantra.

That’s why when I got myself a CC, I started to splurge not only in food or sometimes shoes, but MOSTLY, books. I started hoarding books; up to the point I need to buy at least one book every time I go to the mall.

It’s one good thing a cc taught me – DO NOT KEEP YOURSELF FROM BUYING A GOOD BOOK. Any book will always be worth it. The wisdom you can get from one will be priceless (much even more than the price of the book itself). Though I won’t be recommending having a CC, unless you know how to control your finances, splurging on something worthwhile wouldn’t hurt you.

Next time you’ll see you CC, reflect  on what items did you buy using it that actually mattered in the long run. For me, it’s my well treasured books.

Happy Thanksgiving day to my American Readers! ~!~
Enjoy your long weekend!

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0 Replies to “Books and CC”

  1. karenleahansen

    I agree, with the exception that even book buying can get out of control. I never regret book purchases, but last year I took a hard look at my book collection and realized that my buying was out-pacing my reading. My 2013 resolution was not to buy anymore books until I got my TBR pile under control. With the exception of a few Kindle purchases for an extended vacation, I have resisted buying books and my shelf is not over-flowing. I feel better about it. I still go into bookstores, but when I feel the urge to buy, I resist and put it on a wish list!

    • Trixie P. Ricablanca

      Resisting to buy a good book can also be good if you know you are doing it excessively and if you can’t control your finances anymore. Personally, I started reading free e-books instead of buying them in paperback if its available. it’s all about taking control. Finishing one book before buying a new one can also be a great practice. 🙂 Thanks karen for dropping by Books in my Baggage blog!Happy Thanksgiving!

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