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Student’s Corner: 21st Century Literature of the Philippines and the World

Book Review Guidelines

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• Encourage students to read 21st Century Literature from the Philippines
• Give students the chance to critic and romanticize Philippine Literature of the 21ST Century
• Utilize the use of blogs as a powerful tool to promote reading specifically, the Philippine Literature of the 21st Century


• Read, critic and write a Book Review on different short stories and novels of the Philippines in the 21st Century using literary, biographical, historical, linguistic and sociocultural approach/technique.
• Texts or materials can be in either Filipino or English.
• Choose any genre of your choice
• Read materials thru either paper books or e-books. Buying of materials not required.
• Read the book even you have watched the movie version though comparison of both media can be part of the content of the review.
• One material, one output per pair.
• Book review will be featured on Books in my Baggage Blog as part of its advocacy to create a community of readers.
• For the “About the Writers”, include profile picture for each writer and answer the question, How do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Why Come up with this Project?

It was after college when I started the promise of reading books. It was during that time when I realize how reading can change you – your perspective, your goals and so as your dreams.

I wish I started earlier. And thus, came up with this project. With the help of my sister, Trina who is an English teacher, in one science high school here in the Philippines. We made this as her student’s project.

Library, Books, Reading, School, Learning

Books in My Baggage envisions to build a community of Book Readers.

If students will be exposed early to reading books, then maybe it can make an impact to their lives. We also want to cherish and enrich their dreams. You’ll never know what inspiration they can get from reading those books.

And as the students create and write their Bio here, we also want them to write their goals.

How they see themselves 10 years from now so it will guide them to where they want to be in the future. These are some personal mistakes I did when I was their age – 17 – 20 years old. And in starting this project, at very least, we were able to help them build their foundation – the seeds of dreams and inspiration to start something worth while.

Is this only for Students?

We also have a segment for Student’s at Heart. We are all students – Students of life and we learn from our every day experiences from the people that we meet and the books we read. Thus, we are also opening this project to learners, readers and writers.

If you have any book that has drastically changed your life, a favorite book that you really want to share the world and you don’t have an avenue to put it on, then feel free to join our book club. Click on our Contact Us page and will see what we can do for you.

Do we prefer Filipino authors only?

No. We can accept any write up from any nationality of authors (Best sellers of not). But of course, Filipino Authors are our  preference specially for students. This is to abide with our curriculum for high school students (Grade 7 to 10). On top of which, we would want of course to showcase our own talents.

Books in My Baggage’s Student’s corner aims to make a dent in someone’s life. Remember, our minds is like a fertile soil. Whatever you feed it – whether it be negative or positive, it will sure surely flourish. The question is, what kind of seeds do you want to plant in your minds? It will always be our choice. So we have to choose what we feed our mind.

Start the habit of reading and realize what you can learn from within <3

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