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I know, I have not written that much for a while in this blog and it’s all because I got so busy with work. And since I got my new job title, things has changed drastically and one of those changes was travelling. Though this was just for this project, who knows, I might enjoy travelling and look for something more than this. Yes, I have traveled for training last May 3 to 31, 2014 to the United States. (More story on my personal blog: My Baggage Counter) And of course, one of my itineraries will be a visit to books stores in that area.

1. Half Price Books

The nearest was this bookstore called Half Price Books. Base from it’s name, you’d already know why I loved this bookstore. They offer second hand books for a lower price compared with the other bookstores in town. You can also trade in your books and you can also sell them. Not only books but also magazine and CD’s as well.


During the Memorial Day Weekend, May 28, 2014, they even lowered their prices to 20% more. What a deal! 🙂 The best thing was, it was just beside the hotel where we were staying! Though I haven’t bought that much, (because my baggage was over the allowed weight already), just looking at the books available made me happy and somehow disappointed that I can’t buy that much.


Another reason why I got impressed with the bookstore was the sales persons assisting the customers. They were so knowledgeable with books and authors as well. Few days before we leave, I asked them about a book from Richard Adams, and they’d given me the exact title that I was looking for. Impressive right? The writer/author wasn’t as popular as Nicholas Sparks or James Patterson but they know it. Because here in the Philippines, every time I’d go to a bookstore, only few salesperson knows the books that they sell. You need to look for it yourself.

2. Barnes And Nobles

Yes! THE BARNES AND NOBLES Bookstore! I got so excited when I saw its building in Market District – one of our favorite hang out places. The store was so big, and is full of my favorite stuff: Books, pens, notebooks, papers, etc.



I am that girl with a big shopping bag. lol


They also have Starbucks inside their building. What a lovely place that was!

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