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Boy Meets Girl (Say Hello to Courtship) by Joshua Harris (Book Review)

Title: Boy Meets Girl
Author Joshua Harris
Ratings: 5/5

I’ve read the first few pages of this book in a bookstore and by then, I wanted to read the whole book and I fell in love with first few lines of it! It was my mom’s gift to me actually. 🙂

If I’ll give my future children a book, I’ll definitely hand this over to them. Maybe another reason why I fell in love with the first few lines of it is because, Joshua and Shannon’s love story resembles my parent’s love story. Very simple yet very meaningful.

I may not be conservative like them when it comes to relationship and sometimes, I can be cynical about love, this book makes you think about how true love works, how it changes two different people and makes you believe on it even more.

This is a compilation of true to life love stories which makes it more exciting and realistic. You’d learn a lot from different couple’s way of courting and dating in a Godly manner. (No sex involve). The best part of it for me is the sample dating ideas which I personally consult sometimes. 🙂

It can make you think, If they had their happy ever after, why wont we? 🙂


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