What to Do When You Are Not Ready for the Book?

What do we mean by “Not Ready for a Book?” Let’s face it, not ever book is for you. Not all that is written in a book is for you. When there are chapters in a book that doesn’t make sense to you, no matter how many times you’ve read and re read it, then […]

What is Student’s Corner? – Books in My Baggage

Student’s Corner: 21st Century Literature of the Philippines and the World Book Review Guidelines Objectives: • Encourage students to read 21st Century Literature from the Philippines • Give students the chance to critic and romanticize Philippine Literature of the 21ST Century • Utilize the use of blogs as a powerful tool to promote reading specifically, […]

Block Screening for A Cause – Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Dearest Book Geek Wannabe’s I’m really sorry for deviating a little in terms of my posts. You all know that I just started selling my pre loved books online to help out a batch mate in high school. And we are also gonna be having a block screening to raise more funds for her. KINGSMAN: […]

Selling My PreLoved Books To Help Raise Funds for a Mother with TB of the Bone

For inquiries, please go to our Facebook Page, Books in My Baggage Kristina, mother of two, was my batch mate in high school. I never really had a chance to talk to her when we were teenagers (which was roughly 15 years ago) and when she messaged me about her condition, I, just like some […]

What Will You Do, If You Haven’t Found Your Book Genre

Hi Book Geek Wannabe’s! Today, we will tackle a question that I also personally struggled and continuously face, as I go through different phases of my life. What will do you do, if you haven’t found the book genre that you really enjoy?   If you keep on asking this question at the back of […]

8 Books to Grab When Failure Hits You Hard

Failure can sometimes give you a punch in the face. Sometimes, you never saw it coming and that what makes it hurt even more. On the other hand though, failure can give you that invisible push to make things better. Thus you are on the lookout for people to help you out of that pitfall. […]

How I Became A Travelling Book Geek – Guest Post

A Book Geek Wannabe Confession Here’s a Book Geek Wannabe Confession of Cassie from Culture Coverage. As a young child, I hated reading. It was terribly boring and I only read when I absolutely had to. Fortunately for me, I had a mother who would read stories to me every night, and I loved those […]

Wannabe A Book Geek? Here’s some of the Book Genre You May Want to Start On!

I know I have missed a lot! Comment what are the other book type that I missed and were your favorite! 🙂 Let us how you find these book geek wannabe suggestions!

When I Woke Up: Confessions of A Book Geek Wannabe

This is my ephemeral outburst. 02/22/2016 I was looking for the Ipad when I woke up at 4:30 am earlier. I was craving to read my news feed and would like to grab anything to read. There’s that powerful push that wants me read! It’s like craving an ice cream in a random time of […]

My Trending Stories

Good news, Book Geek Wannabe’s! Books in My Baggage can already be viewed in one of the newest and a website to watch out for – My Trending Stories! I’ll be one of the contributors of this website and though my focus will be more on book reviews and book geek wannabe confessions, I don’t want […]

Behind Books in My Baggage

  A Book Geek Wannabe Confession 2012 was the birth of this blog and I don’t usually celebrate its birthday. It was never a big deal. Never have I thought that four years after it’s birth, I’d be able to read at least 120 books already. Reading started as an “impossible” dream for me and has […]

The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center (Marikina City)

It’s been three weeks since I’ve been procrastinating and been planning to visit this place. It’s located inside a residential area in Marikina Heights so, this place seems to be very secluded from the public eye. I saw this place when I was browsing facebook (Fan Page) and got really very curious. This place has been operating since […]