My Trending Stories

Good news, Book Geek Wannabe’s! Books in My Baggage can already be viewed in one of the newest and a website to watch out for – My Trending Stories! I’ll be one of the contributors of this website and though my focus will be more on book reviews and book geek wannabe confessions, I don’t want […]

Behind Books in My Baggage

  A Book Geek Wannabe Confession 2012 was the birth of this blog and I don’t usually celebrate its birthday. It was never a big deal. Never have I thought that four years after it’s birth, I’d be able to read at least 120 books already. Reading started as an “impossible” dream for me and has […]

How To Enjoy Reading

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer was the very first series that I’ve really enjoyed reading. It feels like, I’m living as one of the characters in the book (and the movie too). I can’t get enough of it. Going back, I don’t usually read a book, then (judge) watch its movie counterpart. I was enchanted by Edward […]

Bookstore Gallore

Hello Everyone! I know, I have not written that much for a while in this blog and it’s all because I got so busy with work. And since I got my new job title, things has changed drastically and one of those changes was travelling. Though this was just for this project, who knows, I […]