Dear Ex, Aamin Na Ako! by Celeste (Book Excerpt)

Dear Ex,

Pareho nating sinubukang magmahal ng iba. 
We had that chance and it didn't work out. 
We both know that love is still around us. 
Are we going to let it in? Is it worth going back?
P.S. The bad days won't ever erase all the 
good times we had together. For the rest of this life, 
I will always care about you.

Earphones on...volume up....

Who wouldn’t be intrigued with those lines? I seldom buy local books, especially Filipino ones because one of the goals I have had when I started reading a few years back, was to become very proficient in English language. Thus I opted not to read books written in Filipino. However, when my former colleague, Guia posted in her Facebook account that she will author her own book, I immediately got excited and tried to book a schedule for her to be interviewed in this blog. And luckily, she chose us to publish a sneak peak of what we will be expecting from her book – an excerpt from her upcoming project.

So here’s a little bit of a teaser from Celeste Guia Cartalla’s newest book, Dear Ex, Aamin Na Ako!

dear ex, aamin na akoWHEN THE PAST IS NOT THAT FAR AWAY

Nakita natin ‘yung isat-isa from across the street. Naging instant ‘yung connection, I guess. And, we couldn’t seem to take our eyes off each other — that cupid-incensed concept of love.
Medyo malalim-lalim nga ‘yung pagkakapana sa atin, tumagal tayo ng limang taon. Although, the last 6 months of our relationship was like hell. That’s what makes a relationship naman di ba? Going through sh*t together. Standing shoulder to shoulder when things get uncomfortable.

Ilang taon na nga ba tayong wala? Three years? Tatlong taon kong pinaniwala ang sarili ko at ikaw, that it was all your fault. And I had to be broken (again) just to understand and realize that it wasn’t all because of you. I am sorry.

Kapag kinekwento ko ‘yung tungkol sa atin, I was focused on what tore us apart rather than what initially brought us together. I blamed you for most of our problems. Again. I am sorry. Kung meron tayong maipagmamalaki sa naging relasyon natin, hindi naman ‘yung tagal, kundi ‘yung lalim ng pagmamahal na meron sa relasyong ‘yun. It wasn’t just the love we had when we first got into the relationship but also, the love that’s still there when we got out of it. ‘Yun nga lang, sa buhay minsan mas mahalaga ‘yung “dapat” kasya sa “lalim”. That’s why, despite our relentless attempts to work things out, we had to eventually surrender to reality. And there wasn’t anything we could have done differently noong mga panahon na ‘yun.

Yes, any break-up after such a long relationship isn’t easy. And when the two of you meet again, it often leaves more questions than answers. Pero, okay lang kahit wala munang kasagutan ‘yung mga tanong niyo. ’Yung sakit, naging aral na. Nawala ‘yung “tayo” pero nahanap mo ‘yung “ikaw” para sa panibagong “kayo”.

Now, he’s somebody new. You are somebody new.

Maiintindihan mo na, you were perfect for each other. Whoever you were once with was perfect for you at that time. Kinailangan niyo na magkakilala, mahalin at masaktan ang isa’t-isa.

Now, you’re able to love fearlessly because of that heartache.

—– You have found love in the past, and you’ll find it again. Ngayon, mas kilala mo na ang pag-ibig. It isn’t someone who will whisk off your feet and make all your problems magically disappear. Relationships are not designed to make us happy. Happiness can never come from anything outside of us.

‘Yung mga sakit na naramdaman mo dati, hindi ‘yan pangako na hindi ka na masasaktan ulit, na hindi ka na iiyak at malulungkot ulit. But this time, malaya ka na to find that person who is ready to go through everything with you, for you.

Mahahanap mo siya o mahahanap ka niya.

—– Sa mga galing pa lang sa break-up, one day, you and our ex will see each other again.

One day, it won’t be (so) painful.
You’ll fall in love again…
Pwedeng sa iba…
Pwede ding sa isa’t-isa…

dear ex, aamin na ako 2—– To my past that will never be that far away…
Dear Ex,
We have tried taking chances. Walang nangyari. What if that “chance” should be with you, should be us? Is it worth going back?

P.S. The bad days won’t ever erase all the good times we had together. For the rest of this life, I will always care about you.
And you need to know, That you keep me up all night, all night. Oh, my heart hurts so good I love you —so bad, so bad ILYSB by LANY

This article is part of, Dear Ex, Aamin Na Ako, “libro-in-the-making”, tungkol sa sakit at saya na dulot ng pag-ibig at nakaraan. Lol!

Hope you guys enjoyed it! 😍


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