Deception Point by Dan Brown (Book Review)

dan brownTitle: Deception Point
Author: Dan Brown
Rating: 4/5

Of all Dan Brown’s novel that I read (the only novel I haven’t, is Inferno), this has the most unexpected and disappointing ending ever.

The story is a combination of two different worlds – politics and science which is both scandalous in nature. The author attacks his prey subtly using his novels and for this one, his prey is obviously the US government. (he had attacked different groups in his other novels, Masonry, Catholic Church and this time, he went dirty – politics). It described how chaotic it is within, and again, just like his previous novels, it’s interesting, well written and you’d wonder, how can he end it with a kick, which unfortunately, left me disappointed. On the other hand, maybe, it’s not the story line that was lacking but the subject itself (politics itself is never a “win” situation for tax payers).

However, I enjoyed how the settings were written and so with the organization of the chapters (and this is one thing I tend to observe on other Brown’s novel too).

The most exciting for me was the last few chapters when the “revelation” was finally revealed – what that deception is all about. And one thing I’ve also observed about his female main characters in all his works – they always have the same aura: Strong willed, intelligent, kick-ass,  middle-aged woman. And for this novel, it was Rachel Sexton that had that same attribute. (I think she has a singular taste in women).

Here’s my Brown’s novels in order from my best to the least.
1. Angels and Demons
2. The Da Vinci Code
3. Deception Point
4. Lost Symbol
5. Digital Fortress

I hope to read Inferno soon too.
And I’ll always be Dan Brown’s fan after all. 🙂

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