Destination Work by Harry Paul and Ross Reck (Book Review)

Title: Destination Work
Author: Harry Paul and Ross Reck, Ph.D
Rating: 5/5

Most managers, especially those in positions, aren’t all that concerned about people because they’re so preoccupied with performance numbers and the bottom line.

Your employee comes first. If they are treated right, they will treat the customer right and they’d come back.

If you’re using force, the motivator is fear and does fear bring out the best in people? NO. It brings out their worst.

destination workThis is the book that I highly recommend to those people who are part of the upper management of any company.

I’m also a front liner in my job thus, I know that “Destination Work” style will always be an effective way to keep your best asset in your company: Your People.

If I know I am treated as an important part of a group by my boss, it will always make a difference. Somehow, it will always make you feel that what you do to the company matters thus, you are inspired to do better and be at your best all the time.

Motivate with trust instead of fear. Be real, Be appreciative, Be interested, Be nice.

When you motivate with trust, there is no room for arrogance.

Keeping your excitement when going to work is one of the hardest thing to sustain especially if you had been in that routine work for quite a while. If I got bored or I felt like my efforts aren’t appreciated by anyone, then, demotivation starts to fill inside me and my numbers will start to go down.

This book made me mull over some of my previous jobs and I must say, a relax environment with approachable bosses or support group is still the best company to stay in and no sum of money can ever amount to that.

Humility and Recognizing Others – Hallmarks of a Great Leader.

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