Diana, Her Last Love by Kate Snell (Book Review)

Title: Diana, Her Last Love
Author: Kate Snell
Rating: 5/5

Respect and Love. These are the two values Diana has gained from me. A sigh of unexplained loss was the only thing I can do as I finished reading this book. It’s like getting to know and be connected to her – Not as a princess but as an ordinary person.

Before reading her life story, all I know was her glamorous self, concocted with a heart of gold for the needy. Never did I know that she was just like us and there’s something more to her pretty face and her beautiful heart.

I can say that I was greatly affected by her story. Knowing where she was coming from, was just a proof that we are all the same. She also felt insecure, unloved and unworthy, despite of everything she has in her life.

We all thought it has always been about happy endings especially when she became a princess. We thought she had everything.

A woman perceived to be extraordinary but who in truth only 
ever yearned to be love.

Her story was amusing, saddening and frustrating at the same time. Made me believed that life is indeed very short to be scared and fearful.

Her life is very colorful and despite her unhappy beginnings, she strive so hard (VERY HARD) to get back to her feet and control her own fate. She is a very strong woman. She may not be a perfect friend and started as a weak person, but she was changed because of love – Love for her TRUE self and by the people around her. A love she had always hoped for, ever since she was a child.

The story was very heartfelt and tragic at the same time. She was a woman with imperfect start but struggled hard to look for what is missing and she had been deprived of.

Her love language was far from what people has expected from her. It was time and physical touch as evidenced by how she made other people feel every time she’d visit those that were unfortunate.

God put me to this world with a duty not of me being 
happy but of making other people happy.

She became a woman she wanted to be because she changed her mind and attitude about life. She was loved for who she is because she tried to let go of what she thought “she is”. She started to embrace her true self and started to follow what is in her heart. She leveraged her royal and glamorous self, not to her advantage but for other people. She raised funds, charity works and used that “celebrity” life to connect with people; especially those that are sick and needy.

Imran Khan attributes her popularity to the unique 
blend of her character. She was very attractive 
and glamorous, then she was a royal figure then 
she had a hugely compassionate side to her.

She was indeed an inspiration – to be who you really are, to follow your heart and to be a strong and independent woman.

A book that will give you a different access to a Princess’ Life – inside and out. More than her beauty and her royal lineage, it was her true character that has  mesmerize the whole world.

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