Effective Team Building by John Adair (Book Review)

Effective Team Building (How to Make a Winning Team)
Author: John Adair

“Teamwork is no accident, it is the by-product of good leadership.”

That isn’t the only meaningful quote you can get from this book. There are a lot and that is my personal favorite.

I actually find it too technical which is the very reason why I had a hard time finishing it. I find myself learning more from sample scenarios rather than the author’s explanation about some technicalities on the said subject.

But, as you dig thru it, it doesn’t only tackle about building a team but has started from the very core of the concept. It used a deductive type of explanation where it started from general terms then, one by one, starts to fill in spaces in your head.

It started explaining about the meaning of a team generally and what  it comprises. Then, stems out to discussing about leaders and what makes a good one.

The next subjects would be: How to pick the best team members, how to go about making each team member work on a common task, building a winning team and how to maintain it as well.

One book that can change your perspective about being a team member and how to be a leader as well.

It can also give you a glimpse on how you perform as part of a group or in some cases, if you are the leader, it can give you different insights as well. And can somehow let you see your team in a third person point of view (more of the bigger picture).

My favorite chapter is about becoming a good leader and here are some of my other loved quotes in the book.

“All leaders are team builders.”

“It is impossible to divorce effective team building from effective leadership.”

“The ability to inspire others is a general characteristic of a good leader.”

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define the objective.”

That’s why, it’s one of my recommended book especially to those people who handles a team or is assigned or is planning to build one.

There may be overwhelming values and too much information as you read it because it will definitely take time to absorb them all.

And here is a phrase that will always remain in me.

“When is a team not a team? When they are apart.”

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