Fiction vs. Nonfiction

fiction vs nonfiction

Fiction books include short stories, novels and other literary types that were born out of a writer’s creativity and imagination. While nonfiction ones are biographies, autobiographies, anecdotes, life excerpts or anything base on true to life experiences of different people who has already been part of history.

If you are going to choose between reading two books: One is Harry Potter and the other book is about the life of Hellen Keller? Which book would you pick up and check out?

Most of my book posts here in my blog are about fiction stories. Nevertheless, I had always been interested with nonfiction books like self-help books and biographies. One of the first books I’ve read when I was around 15 years old was Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. I read that book for our thesis. But, I wasn’t able to finish it because I wasn’t so much into books back then (I’d rather watch my favorite afternoon cartoons!). However, it was the first type of books that has the power to get my short attention span.

Though I always loved reading fiction books, I thought I’d enjoy reading nonfiction ones more and since it’s base from real life, I’m more interested with it. One thing I also like least about some fiction books are the topic itself. Sometimes, there are subjects that bores me and make me read the books in a longer span of time. Fiction books will always be a good bedtime story to read though.

So, going back to the question of which book will I pick, I will check out Helen Keller’s life story. I always find biographies inspirational and since I have read Steve Job’s memoir, it only ignited my interest to read more biographies. Self help books will also always be on my list. You can also observe me reviewing those types for it always gave me some ideas on how to run my own life and can allow you to reflect as well.

At this age of 25 26, I believe self-help books and nonfiction books are better read than the fictional ones. (Although, this actually depends on your personal preference). I just find it more useful in my everyday life. When it comes to dealing with problems, people, decision-making and a lot more.

Though each of them, whether it be fiction or not, they have their own advantages and disadvantages and as long as you are learning something new with every book you read, time spent reading books will always be a time well spent.

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