Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James (Book Review)

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 Title: Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed
Author: E.L. James

"Will you keep an open mind?" he asks.  I frown.
 "Christian, I've needed open mind since the day I met you."

Caution: Spoiler alert and this contains topics not suited for kids. 

Yes, an open mind is a must when you wanted to read this novel. The first time I read the first book, Fifty Shades of Grey, I almost gave up reading because it’s all about hot sex.  On the other hand, I opened myself to the different possibilities on why this book has been a hit. I’ve even watched documentary about this type of relationship (Dominant-Submissive) which really occurred in real life scenarios, which was surprising.

As I contemplate more, I remember back in college when I was a nursing student, we have discussed that men would crave more, about sex at the age, 19 whereas, women’s libido will be at their peak when they reach 40. This explains why most readers of this book were middle-aged married women. As you also noticed, I didn’t put any rating because my rating will depend on who I am talking with ( I will never recommend this book to minors and children of course). It’s mommy porn for me, thus the non disclosure of my rating. I never want to recommend this type of novel. But as I get exposed to different type of individual, I’ve met one person who confessed she had some marital problems because of sex; thus, I ended up recommending this book.

I’d realize that sex is a reality but somehow, women were accustomed to look at it as a “sin” or something immoral. Society dictates that women has no say about this issue because men should always be the one on top of it.

But in my own opinion, Sex is a union of two souls that would become one. Sex is not only an activity but also a way of communication. It is romance, when shared by two people in love, can be oh, so powerful. Imagine a sexless marriage. What do you think would that be like?

Somehow, this book started as off for me but as I read the second part of the trilogy, I must admit, I also fell in love with Christian Grey.

"It's what's beyond perfection that draws me, 
that calls to me. His fragile, damaged soul."

I realized, no matter how perfect Christian seem to be, he is not. His past, his sexual desires and habits makes him imperfect. And because of that, he needs a strong woman to accept him. Though he is self-confessed megalomania and pervert, Grey is one hell of a romantic guy that fell head over heels with Anastasia. Women may not dream of “making love” with him “that” way, but women would always want to be loved that way – He adores his wife more that anyone in the world and every woman would love to have a man just like Christian – sweet, romantic, sexy and someone who will treat her like a queen.

 Somehow, reading this trilogy has made me accept realities about this taboo topic – sex.

I’d also remember this quote from somewhere, “Love like a wife but make love like a mistress.”

** If you are not ready to read a novel with too much descriptive sex scenes, please do not even try to read this book. You will be shocked. ***
** Don’t tell me, I didn’t warn you.**


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