Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James (Book Review) Book 1

Title: Fifty Shades of Grey
Author: E.L James
Ratings: 3/5

Wow! It’s scalding hot! It has definitely had my full attention and just knew what the buzz is all about! It’s all about sex and sex can really make millions! Yes, that is full of exclamation point!! Not because I like it but because of how sexually intense it is! Towards the eighth chapter, I was thinking of not finishing the book because I was never a fan of erotic literature and because of its sexual vividness. (Yes, its very sexually explicit! I warn you!) Anyhow, I don’t want to review any book that I haven’t finished, so, I decided to finish it.

You will be torn between its erotic theme and the “mysterious” effect of Christian Grey’s (male protagonist) past. There are a lot of question that was formed after reading this book which includes, “Why is he (Grey) like that? ( I don’t want spoilers here so, if you are intrigued, read the book)”, ” Who is Mrs. Robinson?”, “What will happen next?”

Because of the intriguing finale of this first part, you will definitely seek for the next book. As for me, I was looking forward for the real thing. Like what the hell happened to him when he was a child that prompted him to become who he is today. I was even thinking how he got his billions in such a young age.

This part of the trilogy will leave you with so much anticipation. It will leave you hanging and wanting for more. (Please, I am talking about the story, watch your dirty minds! haha!)

If you ask me, if I’m going to read the next books, The answer is, Yes. I was really intrigued about this and needs to know first hand why women are just so into it. (Wanted to know what the hype is really all about!) Given the fact that Grey is a multifaceted billionaire who can mesmerize woman in any way and has bizarre ways of showing his feelings. And another reason why this erotic book stirred the buzz (aside from sex) is because, it was written by a woman. For me, it’s courageously written.


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2 Replies to “Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James (Book Review) Book 1”

  1. Verlene

    E.L.’s a very brave writer indeed. If I didn’t read her biography on the internet before reading that book in the first place, I’d probably think that a man wrote it just by reading “those” particular scenes.

    And the embarrassing part was that my younger brother caught me off guard reading an erotic scene *palm face*. I thought he was going to think, “My sister’s reading porn.” Hahaha! Oh my guidey! Good thing he didn’t believe I had a dirty mind because he saw me read other novels with different genres. Next time, I will definitely try to be more discreet about my hobbies. =P

    • Trixie P. Ricablanca

      haha! don’t worry, he wouldn’t think you were reading porn. Its all in your mind. LOL. I also felt embarrassed when I read that before in the office. Those guys who read it knows what is in my mind. haha! :p There are a lot of funny things in about women reading that novel. hehe. :p

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