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Follow Your Heart By Andrew Matthews (Book Review)

Follow Your Heart by Andrew MatthewsTitle: Follow Your Heart
Author: Andrew Matthews
Rating: 5/5

An answered prayer. That is how I’d call this book because of the timing it came to my book shelf.

Everybody has a dilemma that seems to be insolvable that at some point, quitting and changing is the only solution that you have thought about. I was at the brink of it, until this book arrived. I was in the bookstore and just grabbed this book. It isn’t a book sale thus, it (a book) again, cost me a few dime (self-help books, for some reason, are more expensive than the other genre) but then, I was expecting a little bit like the book of Elle Luna, (The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion) because of the title, but it was nothing like it. Again, another splurge, I was so happy about.

“It’s not just the world that complicates our lives, we do.”
“The universe rewards efforts, not excuses.”

“Have the discipline to do little things you don’t like and you can spend your life, doing the big things you do like.”

“Usually the best place to make a new start is where you are.”

“You give your best because you need to impress people.  You give your best because that’s the only way to enjoy your work.”

“When there is no struggle, there is something missing.”

I have a lot of unforgettable lines on this book but one premise that stood out was when the author outlined his struggles while he was starting his book “Being Happy”. To immerse himself in a world of diluted self-help book addicts was a pain, thinking that his ideas were no different from the rest. I too, is a self-help book fan and to tell you, his book is nothing like the rest.

It was refreshing. It may have tackled the same subject of self-improvement but the way he did it, was unique.

His drawings also made a difference, especially for a visual learner like me (for I always appreciate a work of a talented individual especially, drawing). This may have been the reason why his books were a total hit because its catchy and is straight to the point. It can also be a reminder if you have encountered those topics in other books before.


“Don’t measure your abilities against others. Fulfillment comes from developing your gifts, not wishing for someone else’.”

“You are not here to fulfill the dreams of frustrated parents.”

“When you are passionate, no one needs to motivate you.”

“Don’t hate your opponent, lift your performance.”

If you are in a difficult situation, when you are feeling down or you don’t know what to do, this book can be your best companion; it can be a friend that has full of positive outlook in life. Any person who would read this book will surely feel better and would be on top of their game again.

“Successful people are not superhuman. They have one brain, 24 hours a day, usually two arms and two legs.”

“Commitment is not wishing for something. It is a decision deep within yourself that you will do whatever it takes.”

“Half the fun of being here is knowing that anything could happen next.”

“Pain is inevitable, misery is a choice.”

“Forget perfection, aim for improvement.”

“When we forgive ourselves, we stop criticizing other people.” “Your mission in life not to change the world but to change yourself.”

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I have just finished reading a copy of this book, and to sum everything up I can simply say that it gives me new insights and wisdom into various aspects of my life. In a few simple and effective sentences, Mr. Mathews sums up the various lessons we need to know in life.


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