For One More Day by Mitch Albom (Book Review)

Title: For One More Day
Author: Mitch Albom
Rating: 4/5

A very heart warming story of a person lost in life. A person who is a victim of a cruel life and that day, spent with his mom made him realize the things he had but lost all along because of his weaknesses.

The story is about that ONE DAY Chick Benetto spent with his DEAD mother.

It was the day when he decided to take his own life. Must have been a life changing situation for him because he discovered a lot of things from his past that he never knew all his life.

It could make one realize what a mother can do for her children. She can endure pain just to make sure her children have someone to lean on, she can swallow her pride just to keep promises and so her kids can live according to their dreams.

Favorite lines in the story:



A mother’s love never judges, never ceases and never fails.

After reading this, you will definitely think about your mother and all her sacrifices that she did for you and your family.

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Mitch Albom pays homage to all mothers with this novel that beautifully shows the enduring power of a mother’s love, a love so strong it can transcend even death.



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