Give a Book, Get a Book: The Book Stop Project – Intramuros

Create a community of Book Readers.

That is the vision of this blog, Books in My Baggage. Thus when we found out about, The Book Stop Project, we got so curious about it and would really want to be a part of it.

It was raining hard when we went to Intramuros, Manila. It had been a blessing in disguise too, because we have almost owned the place. Only few book geeks and wannabe’s visited and although we weren’t able to sit and experience it in full blast, we were still able to enjoy our every stay on it.

The place was rather small and cute. A simple gesture of its vision, to revolutionize the role of libraries in this day and age.

Getting the attention of millennials can be tough. Because we are so much different from any other generation. We love supporting projects for a cause but at the same time, it must still be stylish and classy – maybe we call it, instagram or blog worthy.

The Book Stop Project catches this generations both curiosity and heart. Although, the concept of learning and studying has been a constant part of our parent’s teachings, somehow our society depicts a different story – poverty, children who weren’t able to study, and there are still people who doesn’t know how to read and write.

Projects like this can produce massive results. Because it ignites inspiration and touches hearts. Even in our smallest deed, we were able to build a society that cares.

I had been collecting and reading books for less than 10 years already. And my journey towards reading and self discovery has been the greatest path that I was able to travel.

I’m never a book geek.

I was only a wannabe. And though I wasn’t born a reader and was never exposed to leisure reading when I was a kid, I made a conscious decision to change the course of my life because I know I’m not going anywhere.

Reading has changed my life so much.

That is why I created this blog so that I will be able to share this wisdom to the world. The Book Stop Project is another avenue for us to spread the good news about reading.

The picture on the right were some of the books I donated. They were actually some of the first few books I’ve read a few years ago.

The location too was also as exciting as the library. It’s located just in front of Manila Cathedral (Intramuros). Around it, were some historical places like San Agustin Church, Fort Santiago, National Museum and Rizal Park. You can go for some side trip (just like what we did) and get some historical taste of the Philippines.

Give a book, Get a book. #TheBookStopPh

Search for them or look at their website and other features from other blogs too. You’d be amazed with how our society has been changing. For sure, we are changing for the better. Let’s support The Book Stop Project and let’s be part of this simple change that can surely give us a sense of purpose.

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