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Image result for A Time for Dragons: An Anthology of Philippine Draconic FictionTitle: Glass
Author: Nikki Alfar

Glass by Nikki Alfar is one of the 17 short stories in this book, A Time for Dragons: An Anthology of Philippine Draconic Fiction.

The plot revolves around a girl named Mariska. Ever since, Mariska has always been beautiful to the eyes of all. Apparently, her beauty became the one who’ll dictate her doom. Being beautiful, perhaps too beautiful, the villagers decided to make her a sacrifice to the glass mountain to avoid the wrath of its guardian. The days came and she made her home atop the slithery slopes of the glass mountain.

She only has Fausto, her admirer, to bring her food to eat and other necessities.

Inside the never ending glass of the mountain, she met Him, the embodiment and the guardian of the mountain, but she would always and only meet him inside the glass. Sometimes they would talk about life and even share a laugh together. One day she decided she wanted to go back to her village. To her surprise, He did not mind it all and even gave her a piece of glass when she went back.

She went back only to be insulted and taunted by the girls insecure of her beauties and men who she rejected.

Realizing that her life inside the mountain was much more satisfying, she decided to go back the mountain. This angered Fausto which led to an argument and breaking of the glass given by Him. As if the mountain felt what happened, Mariska went back to the mountain and then unraveled before her eyes is the physique of the majestic glass dragon.

The story end with her realizing and pounding upon her ancestors who were also sacrificed to the mountain, were they destroyed by Him or did they just spent their life inside the ethereal top of the glass mountain.

The Glass is no ordinary story at all. Not everyone will understand it at first read. Its wordings are so powerful and vivid that you can imagine how the events transpired but a dictionary is a necessity for the ready because of the highfaluting words used.

The Glass depicts how a not so normal lady chooses to go back from where she left because of the feeling insecurity and longing for what she was used to.

Unlike any other plots this one, is truly a piece that would widen the imagination of the reader.

It’s not like those typical stories wherein there is a damsel in distress, melodramatic where someone dies in the end. It shows the beauty of finding yourself, accepting yourself, choosing your own path and not letting anyone determine your fate for you.

The inclusion of a Dragon as a strong entity or master is another thing that I was captured of.

To most stories, a dragon is the villain, the vicious one, the one that kills. However, through The Glass, I was opened to a new perception and idea of dragons. That dragons could be the one who understands, who sees the light through a woman made of glass?

The woman who is inside of the glass shows the typical mentality of females today, that they should be according to the standards of the world. That they have to change themselves to be called “beautiful” or “admirable”. It shows the culture among us yet breaks that culture when the woman accepts who she is.

In general, The Glass is a melancholy story of a woman who shared her life with a dragon.

Overall, I’d rate it a 9/10 because of its ability to take the readers to a whole new universe that is simply made by our own imagination using the ravishing words of the author that not everyone understand. I highly recommend reading the story to the youth especially those who love mythical creatures. It is also a must read to unconventional ladies who should realize that we should not conform to what the society thinks and wants us to do.

About the Writers and How Do they See Themselves 10 years from now:

 Eunice Grace D. Angus, Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

10 years from now, I see myself as a faithful servant of the Lord. I will be going to wherever He leads me to go. I rely on His plans and believe in His promises because I cannot trust my own knowledge about the world and its truths. I am merely an instrument that is being used by Him to go on the path and journey that He has for me, reaching out to people for His glory and by His grace. My ultimate goal in life is to know Him and make Him known in all the things that I do. My mission is to show in my life that He died on the cross, rose again and conquered death so that we may life through Him.

All the rest, the success, the dream house, the dream car, husband, children and other earthly things lie upon His hands. So, 10 years from now? I will serve Him and His people through everything I have gained all through-out the years, maybe one day publishing every adventure on parchments of papers. All for His name.

Krisha R. Tulawie , Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

10 years from now, I see myself happily pursuing the field of science that I chose and also happily married with the man I love. I picture myself as a licensed chemist working in a laboratory that is just the basement of our own house where it will always be open for consultation for younger students’ experiments. I see myself enjoying my life with my family and loved ones through thick and thin. And lastly I see myself helping other people and animals (abused pets) in every way I can.

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