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Go Negosyo Book by Joey Concepcion (55 Stories of Women Entrepreneur)

Title: Go Negosyo – 55 Inspiring Stories of Women Entrepreneur
Author: Joey Concepcion
Rating: 5/5

Last month, I was able to buy two good inspirational business books from the National Bookstore GC that my company gave me.

And last night I was able to finish one of it and I was able note the different new things that I have learned from those women entrepreneurs.. I wrote one phrase or words on each woman entrepreneur that was featured in this book.

1. Always believe in your product.
2. Be Innovative.
3. Faith in God.
4. Resiliency.
5. Be a dreamer.
6. Grow. Transform.
7. Ask and thou shall receive.
8. Failures should not be in your vocabulary.
9. Follow your heart.
10. Hard work.
11. Success depends on your efforts.
13. Respect your business partner
14. Be your own scientist.
15. Your support group is of great help to your business.
16. Family is your greatest achievement.
17. Teamwork.
18. Go back to your humble beginnings and get your strength fro your life’s lessons.
19. The key to the top is to build trust with the clients.
20. Seek perspective outside the box.
21. Follow the voice of God.
22. Learn to give back and share your blessings.
23. Know your market.
24. Patience and Commitment. ‘
25. Allow God to start the business for you.
26. Always keep on and don’t give up.
27. If you want something to happen, your body will push for it to happen.
28. The only way to get ahead in life is to help others get ahead as well; Successful people seldom climb to the top, they are carried there.
29. Learn your business from your customers. Understand their minds, hearts and lives.
30. Have the guts to take risk.
31. You don’t stop until you have turned over the last stone.
32. Confidence.
33. Women’s best weapon are not muscles but patience.
34. Adversity Quotient is a necessity; 5C’s- Capacity, Capability, Character, add Confidence for you to have Cash.
35. Business is business; no personal expenses from corporate account.
36. Be tenacious but be flexible enough to allow room for improvement.
37. Be experimental. 38. One could not live in fulfillment and status.
39. Commitment to excel.
40. Have the desire to learn continuously.
41. Don’t be scared to ask.
42 Learn how to spend the money without sacrificing the capital.
43. If you are not making profits, close your eyes and let go.
44. God is the true owner of your enterprise.
45. See opportunity in adversity, promise in emptiness and triumphs in trials.
46. To whom msuch is given,. mush is also expected.
47. Face your fears and act on them the best ways possible.
48. Profit with honor.
49. Avoid getting burnt out. Rest if you must.
50. God created you for a purpose.
51. Start with a dreadm.
52. Focus on what you know best.
53. Lord, let me do now what I can to help those you send me today because I may not be here tomorrow.
54. If you do good to others, good things will come to you.
55. Act small but think big.

However, these are the top 10 things that an entrepreneur must know since almost all of them say something about it..

1. Passion.
2. Creativity.
3. Humility.
4. Integrity.
5. Discipline
6. Dedication.
7. Save
8. Pray for a better half (who could be with you all through out)
9. Courage
10. Offer everything to God.

This is a very inspiring book and I am just so happy that even my smallest effort counts and hopefully, I could experience those things first hand. Just one single step at a time and you will be in a place where you are suppose to be.

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