Good Boss, Bad Boss by Robert Sutton (Book Review)

Title: Good Boss Bad Boss (How to be the Best and Learn from the Worst)
Author: Robert Sutton
Rating: 4/5

“The ways that senior leaders treat their direct reports create numerous other ripple effects that travel down and across the hierarchy, shaping a company’s culture and performance.”
“Effective leaders are both competent and benevolent.”
“Fight as if you are right and listen as if you are wrong.”

My favorite part part of this book is the test where it’ll give you an idea about your current working environment; which made me certain that the place where I am at is the place I’ve always prayed for before. This is the place where I met the best people in my life.

It’s a good read especially for those who manage people and also those that are part of the human resource (HR) or recruitment.

Before reading this book, I thought HR plays a little part in any business, thinking all they need is to hire people. I was wrong. Their role is one of the most important recipe to build an organization.

They are the ones that has the capacity to set the culture of any company by hiring the best bosses. If you want to cook any food or dessert, you must be able to get the best ingredients in the market. You must make sure nothing is rotten and everything was purchased in its good condition. Or else, one rotten tomato can make the whole process incompetent. The over all taste of that dessert will mainly depend on what ingredients did you put in together and how every single detail is blending it to one another.

This book can give you an insight on what type of culture do you want to instill if you want to build your won company. My interest in becoming a boss has awaken when I read this and made you picture yourself as an ideal ones by absorbing the best attitudes of a good one.

11 Commandments for Wise Bosses

  1. Have strong opinions and weakly held beliefs.
  2. Do not treat others as if they are idiots.
  3. Listen attentively to your people; don’t just pretend to hear what they say.
  4. Ask a lot of good questions.
  5. Ask others for help and gratefully accept their assistance.
  6. Do not hesitate to say, “I don’t know”.
  7. Forgive people when they fall, remember the lessons, and teach them to everyone.
  8. Fight as if you are right, and listen as if you are wrong.
  9. Do not hold grudges after losing an argument. Instead, help the victors implement their ideas with all your might.
  10. Know your foibles and flaws, and work with people who correct and compensate for your weaknesses.
  11. Express gratitude to your people.


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Bob Sutton’s latest book is a great read, and is filled with vivid examples of leaders who do things right, or wrong. Sutton is a talented story teller, and brings bosses to life in his descriptions of real life executives and managers, and also draws on his deep knowledge of psychology to explain, in clear terms, why the actions of bosses are so impactful, for better or for worse, on the people who work for them


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  1. coleen

    Great review! Learned a little from you today. Thank you for sharing. I will try my best to “take care of the little things first”…

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