Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto (Book Review)

Title: Heaven
Author: Alexandra Adornetto
Rating: 2/5

Having read the other two books of Adornetto made me so excited about this novel. Too much anticipation and expectations have brought me to turn this book down. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as I expected it to be.

As much as I have loved the other 2 books, Halo and Hades, Heaven in my personal opinion, pushed it too hard. This has been perhaps a risky part for the author but it was on the wrong side of the bed. The trilogy started very fresh with its characters’ luster and great value but by the third book, it’s as if not the same characters as they were on the first and second part. They totally shifted to a different persona – someone that I wasn’t expecting them to become.

Since the author has used powerful characters like Archangel Gabriel. Lucifer, God almighty and angels, it would have been better if they stick with what are expected of them as their character but not to the point of playing it too safe, so as not to bore the readers.

I don’t usually abandon books when I felt bored, to give chances – thinking it could turn its plot upside down. But when I was already halfway through it, I thought, I wouldn’t like the plot anymore. I searched online about its story and yes, I would have not enjoyed it. Somehow, it didn’t suit my taste anymore.

When I read Halo, I also read bad comments about it yet, I defied it because I loved it. I enjoyed reading that book and so with Hades therefore, any negative comments about the series didn’t bother me. But this time, I felt bad seeing how other people comment about a book they didn’t like. They’d curse, and would say things against the author etc. It shouldn’t be that way. Instead, just give your two cents worth of the matter and the author must have learned from that short comings already.

I still would like to thank Alexandra Adornetto for creating the trilogy and though the last part wasn’t as good as the first, I still believe she is a talented writer. Looking forward to read her other series.


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