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Heneral Luna: The History Behind The Movie (Book Review)

web hen lunaHeneral Luna:
The History Behind The Movie
Rating: 5/5

If you haven’t watched the movie, Heneral Luna, then this book is a good alternative. It’s a concise version – an interview, actually with the author of this movie’s root – The Rise and Fall of Antonio Luna. It also gave us an overview of how Dr. Vivencio Jose, started with this idea of writing, this hero’s biography.

Ever since I’ve watched this film, I never thought that I have an intense affinity with our own (Filipino) history. It’s interesting, deep and intense; Because of the character’s nationalistic view and patriotic blood, as they fought for our freedom. Their dire desire to be a legitimate country is unimaginable to us, who is part of this new generation.

A little book about Antonio Luna’s battle as a student, a professional and as a Filipino; his struggles, as he tried to express his passion for liberty and excellence as a tan-skinned individual when he was in Europe, along with his other Filipino friends.

Just like the movie, it gave me that sense of nationalism as part of this growing country.

"I confess that I would gladly die for this country, for our independence
without however, seeking death."

An interview with Dr. Vivencio Jose, The author of “The Rise and Fall of Antonio Luna”.

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Parang ngayon lang naging interesante ang isang history film dahil hindi ito yung usual boring pinoy film type….

Shealea Iral


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A very simple and straightforward book to either add further information for those who watched the movie or to pique the interest for the character and life of Antonio Luna.