How Can We Encourage Kids to Read?

Kids reading a book
We should start at an early age. The younger the better. We must not make them feel that books should only be opened in school and is a burden for them.

At a young age, buy them coloring books, activity books or interactive books, books with a lot of pictures (with bright pictures and colors) so they could be interesting to look at.

Read aloud with them especially when they are just starting to read and write. Give them books as presents. Ask them how the story went. If they liked it or not, how did they feel about the villain and the protagonist. Discuss it with them like an adult.

But why should we encourage them to read?

Because books is the fountain of knowledge. They can know a lot thru it and can allow them to think maturely and can give them options about how they want their lives to turn to in the the next years.

It can ignite their imaginations and an artist can also be born.

They can have an idea on what a doctor is and what a policeman does. Thus, can give them ideas on what they want when they grow up.

As a parent, it is very important to also monitor what your children read so as not to mislead them as well. If possible read the books first before handing it to them. Be ready to answer questions well with tact and full of maturity especially when they are starting an adolescent life.

Don’t give them false hope or ideas about people or situation.

Having them read good books could give them a brighter future ahead of them.

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