How to Deal With Difficult People by Bo Sanchez (Book Review)

How To Deal With Difficult People
Author: Bo Sanchez
Rating: 5/5

“How to handle the Vampires of your life”

Who wouldn’t be intrigued with that title? Let’s be honest, in one way or another, we have met a difficult person. At work, at home, a stranger, your wife or husband perhaps? That no matter how important their role is, in your life,. it can never change the fact that they are difficult – a vampire in your life.

This book is an eye opener. A mirror.

The way I see these difficult people has turned upside down. If I feel rage and contempt before, now, it has changed to compassion and pity. Not only to those vampires of my life but to myself as well.

I was able to realize that I am a vampire too at some point of time. It has also made me see myself in a different perspective.

Every difficult person in your life is a mirror. By asking why that person is difficult to you, you’ll discover more about who you are – your past, your wounds, your weaknesses.”

I recall all the circumstances in my life where I was not in control of my words, my emotions and most especially my actions. This book made me love those vampires more because that is what they really need the most – LOVE.

Because at the very core of every difficult person – no matter what manifestations, you’ll find low self-worth. The root of all vampirism is massive insecurity. Deep within, the difficult person is a child desperate and hungry for love.

It has classified the different types of vampires that you can meet in your life and how do you go about to transform them.

This may be a book that I’ll be recommending to everyone I’d meet. You get to help others but most importantly, you get to know yourself – even more.

Few of my favorite lines:

Root of envy is emptiness.

Envy is always about dissatisfaction with your self.

The antidote of envy is gratitude of God’s love.

He could be a vicious monster outside, but inside, he’s a small child crying, begging for love.

Antidote of patience is trust.

Learn to live with the imperfection of people.

Don’t stay if people don’t like you and don’t take their rejection personally, because it’s not about you. They’ve got issues. Leave them in the hands of God.

First step to transform a difficult person is to protect yourself from them.

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