How to Deliver Successful Presentation by Shirley Sta. Ines (Book Review)

How to Deliver Successful PresentationTitle: How to Deliver Successful Presentation
Author: Shirley Sta. Ines
Rating: 4/5

The topic I like the most in this book, which hasn’t been tackled that much in other presentation book that I’ve read a few months back, is how to overcome the fear of public speaking.

This book has given provoking questions for you to ponder on so that you can know yourself better and be less scared of talking in front of a crowd.

1. What makes you afraid?
2. When do you feel it?
3. How do you react to it?

Speaking in a class is no different with public speaking and thus, as I answer those questions. I realized why I was scared before. It’s all because I was afraid to be criticized by people watching me. I get conscious,  my voice would shake and I’d feel inferior.

And thus, as I became a trainer, I make sure that I make the best first impression.

I make sure I dress up well, stand up straight, connect with the trainees with eye contact and of course, smile a lot. Let them feel I am comfortable in front of them so, they can also feel comfortable with me.

Somehow, knowing who your audience too can make your fear vanish. All because you treat them as your old friends thus, make you feel less nervous. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you will be hence, can lead to a better presentation.

Another good topic from this little book is about using the right visual aids for visual learners. It talks about what background color to use to make your presentation more effective. Something I haven’t read before.

The first part though was a bit technical because it’s about intonation, voice modulation and pronunciation which is a broad topic and can best be understood by example (audio book maybe the best tool to use).

So far, this little book is a bomb! Maybe because it’s written by a Filipino; she knows where we are coming from.

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