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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetTwilight by Stephanie Meyer was the very first series that I’ve really enjoyed reading. It feels like, I’m living as one of the characters in the book (and the movie too). I can’t get enough of it. Going back, I don’t usually read a book, then (judge) watch its movie counterpart. I was enchanted by Edward Cullen’s charm – suddenly, I found myself a fictional boyfriend. Nonetheless, Twilight Saga wasn’t the first book that I’ve read. True enough, I’ve enjoyed Angels and Demons audio book but it was Twilight that finally set the bar to my reading experience. When I read another book, if I felt that way again, then, I know what 5/5 rating means.

But, how did I finally learn to enjoy leisurely reading?

One way would be, detaching yourself to the reality of your world. “Reality Sucks” – this explains why a lot of people read books ; whether it be fictional or not, it can give you some temporary bliss from the reality you are into.

Concentrate on the characters and create your own movie in your head. It’s time to ignite your own creativity. No matter how dull it can be, its ok – it will be your own movie anyways. You have your own prerogative to choose your own main characters. For example, you don’t like Robert Pattinson to be the Edward Cullen in your own movie, then, change it. Imagine your ultimate crush as Edward and you’d find yourself smiling while reading it.

Focus on the setting of the book. Do not read when you are tired or sleepy or else, you’ll lose track and won’t be able to understand what you read.

Look for a good place to read too. If you can’t read while lying down, try reading when sitting or going to a coffee shop with a lot of people so you’d be so embarrassed to be seen sleeping in public. Sometimes a little pressure would also help. Try to avoid reading alone for months or so, so you would be compelled to read the book and not get sleepy. If you can’t also read inside a library, then don’t. Don’t force yourself to read in a place you are not comfortable with. If reading in a park suits you, then be it. It’s also not only about reading the right book but also choosing the right place to read that wonderful book.

Imagination and creativity is the key to a better reading experience. There might be highfalutin words you may encounter, but sometimes, context clues will do the trick. Try to look at the bigger picture of the whole sentence and sometimes, you’ll be surprised to understand the whole scenario already. For starters, this is the reason why they suddenly feel frustrated. When they can not understand what they are reading, they would just give up. (Trust me, I was one of those too, way back) And sometimes, novice readers are also lazy to look for the meaning of words. That is why, making Mr. Webster very handy is highly recommended. This is one of the best features of an ebook. You can highlight the word and the meaning will just be popping up. No need to go through all the pages.

Remember, if you can not detach yourself from the reality, do not read. All because you won’t enjoy it as it should be. You may also not enjoy the first few books you’ve read but after sometime, you’ll discover the genre that you’ll enjoy the most. All you need to do is read, read and read. If you don’t feel like finishing a book, move on to the next. You may not enjoy that book today, but who knows, you may need that book in the future.  Just don’t give up trying.

Happy Reading Book Geek Wannabe’s! 🙂

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Trixie Ricablanca Angeles, RN

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