How to Say It for First Time Managers by Jack Griffin (Book Review)

How to Say it for First Time ManagersTitle:How to Say It for First Time Managers
Author: Jack Griffin
Rating: 5/5

Every time you’ll read a chapter of this book, your inner drive to be a leader will be ignited.

I usually read this book before or after my shift and every time I end reading a chapter, I felt like becoming a new person. It’s so simple and is really easy to understand.

I enjoyed the self assessment tests before each chapter because you can track which area should you concentrate on learning more.

What makes it more appealing is its sample scenarios which can really be helpful when you start managing a team or any group of people. You can learn a lot of practical tips on how to go about with those unfavorable events which is inevitable when becoming a manager or leader.

I haven’t read a handful of such type of books and I’m glad I’ve picked this book as a starter to this genre. Since it’s easy to understand, I found no jargon-ish topic or ideas and each were presented very vividly; this is written for a novice and this can be a good book to start with especially if you want to explore leadership books.

My Personal Favorite Topics:

1. The Four Types of People That You Should Look for in a Team:

  • The Creators
  • The Refiners
  • The Advancers
  • The Executors

I’ve realized that each person has their own role and each are of equal importance.

2. How to Handle Difficult People.
3. Mentoring and Coaching: What is the Difference
4. Saying Yes and Saying No.
5. What to Say on Day One.

Be prepared to be equipped with leadership skills and learn more about yourself’s leadership potential.

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