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I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris (Book Review)

Title: I Kissed Dating Goodbye
Author: Joshua Harris
Ratings: 5/5

I consider this book as “The Single’s Bible”. Its fun to read and there are a lot of tips on how to spend your single life with worth and full of meaning instead of jumping in and out from one relationship to another without the purpose of marriage. This is another book that I’ll hand to my future children when they reach 16 years old (or even 14 maybe). I will require them to read it!haha! (Maybe, I should’ve read it as well, but it’s too late. :p)

Being single myself is not easy. You are faced with different temptations everyday and might as well consider yourself as vulnerable. Vulnerable to get hurt and fall in love. This book made me think why shouldn’t I spare myself from being hurt in vain.

This book practically teaches everyone to treat each people with respect whether you like them romantically or not. It’s more of fulfilling your duty as a single person and submitting yourself to God for whatever He is planning for you.

It’s not actually about not dating at all. You can still find love in a different way not only by dating. Group dating maybe one of them. It’s a different way of knowing a person and if you try to look at this book in a different way, this just boils down to one thing: If your intentions in dating a person doesn’t include marrying him/her, better not push through. Not only can it spare you and him from being hurt and painful goodbyes, it will save time and you can move on and find a new person that you can care for with the right intentions and purpose.

Another good thing about this book is its perspective on goodbyes which can have a positive results that we usually thought. It also focuses on how to be happy even if your single. A happiness that you can share with your future partner in life.


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