Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice (Book Review)

Title: Interview With The Vampire
Author: Anne Rice
Rating: 2/5

Being too enthralled with the Cullens (from Life and Death), was the main reason why I chose this book. And of course, comparison will always hit the way.

Bestseller books are one of my favorite to review in this blog, due to curiosity (most of the time) but as you notice, some would fail my expectation and wouldn’t be included in my best-rated list of books and unfortunately, this book is one of those.

This book was literally an interview with a vampire. It’s like, “seriously?”, and maybe, just find it too ordinary and I ended reading the plot somewhere else. As I was reading, I got bored and maybe, I’m not just a fan of old vampire flicks – which includes fangs, dark collared suit and coffin. Not really the one that I was so accustomed to. Those were also the same hesitations I have had, before reading the Twilight Saga (in 2008). Another reason again is timing – this book was written 40 years ago thus, served different type of audience.

Sorry for Anne Rice’ fans but this maybe my last from her (but of course, no close will ever be closed.)

“People who cease to believe in God or goodness altogether
still believe in the devil... 
Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally difficult.”

“How pathetic it is to describe these things which 
can't truly be described.” 



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One Reply to “Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice (Book Review)”

  1. anaghamurali

    i was too bored by this book I read it after reading dracula few years back….but when I read it recently I didnt feel its boring….but I think you better try vampire academy or vampire diary or drake chronicles by alyxandra harvey…

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