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Image result for Kapitan SinoTitle: Kapitan Sino
Author:  Bob Ong

Kapitan Sino is a fictional novel that was written in 2009 by a Filipino author under the pseudonym Bob Ong. The story revolves around Rogelio Manglicmot, an electrician in the small barrio of Pelaez. It was the seventh book written by Bob Ong.

The story conveyed acts of sacrifices, showing love, and carrying out responsibilities.

But it mainly focused on responsibility and sacrifice. In the story, the theme of responsibility and sacrifice was emphasized when Rogelio accepted the accountability of being the town’s protector against offenders. Despite everything he still did his obligation of protecting the town by sacrificing his blood, his own life, for the benefit of the people.


At the initial segment of the story, Rogelio was confused on whether he should use his forces to help individuals or not. Rogelio knows about his extraordinary abilities however he keeps it from other individuals in light of the fact that, for him, being a superhuman is a big responsibility.


At first, Rogelio was considered as the hero in the town of Pelaez but because of the commotion happened during the event of the recognition of Kapitan Sino, wherein Rogelio’s true identity was revealed, Aling Chummy blamed him for not doing anything to help his husband who has lung cancer. Because of this, Rogelio was imprisoned and the way how people look at him was changed and seems like that they forgot how Rogelio save their town from crimes.

Overall the book was good. It does not seem to be as cliché as the other novels about a person who has a special ability.

The book cover was simple and it shows a metallic design and a shiny background. The font was readable and the spacing is fine. The book size is not too small nor too big. The readers can easily hold bring the book anywhere. Bob Ong, being the author of this book used a realistic representation of everyday experience of a person.

The author was able to give hints that the story occurred around the 80’s and 90’s by describing the setting and the kind of technology that the Filipinos have before.

He was also able to describe the Filipino culture like being a ‘’tambay’’, the act of sweeping the yards, playing deafening music, people drinking alcoholic beverages at night, children playing in the middle of the streets and the spreading of rumors in the neighborhood. The author showed how some authorities can’t execute their duties accordingly. Just like how the two policemen captured Rogelio even though they have insufficient reasons to do so.

The story depicted the love story of the two childhood friends, Rogelio and Tessa, who had a tragic ending. Also, the author highlighted the ideal friendship of Bok-bok and Rogelio.

Bob Ong gave an unusual way of conveying the real essence of being a superhero. He was able to express it better compared to the usual way of how some authors deliver it. It was significantly shown when Rogelio and his father, Mang Ernesto, had a conversation. In that conversation, Mang Ernesto explained his son that he cannot save everyone and their powers have limitations. He also admitted that he was afraid to face the great responsibility of becoming a hero to everyone.

The story pointed out that being a hero is not about the name, the costume, nor the superpowers, it is the intention or act of a person to sacrifice his life to save other people’s lives.

However, one hero cannot save everyone if the society itself has been corrupted.

Nevertheless, there are some things that needs improvement. The flow of the story was somehow offset because, from the beginning up to the middle, the buildup of the story was steady, but from the middle up to the last part, it became fast-paced. Lastly, the antagonist of the story, Mr. Suico a.k.a. The Monster, was not introduced very well.

About the Writers and How Do they See Themselves 10 years from Now

ANDREA LOUISE R. SANTOS, Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

After a decade, I see myself as an alumni of University of the Philippines Diliman who had a 4-year experience of being a statistician in a very well-known company and currently on my last year of being a student taking pilot courses.

Aside from that, I see myself as a helpful daughter to my family, a responsible mother for my child and a loving wife for my husband.

I also own an apartment which is open for renting and waiting to turn it into a big business soon.

After I graduate, I will start to have my own company airlines and achieve all my goals and dreams to help other people through means of having charities, together with my family.

ANGELA MAE V. MATIAS, Student – Pasig City Science Highschool

After ten years, I can see myself as a different person than the ‘Angela’ now. The one that is better, fiercer, bolder, and more confident than ever. A fearless woman who grabs every opportunity that will come in her way. The woman that takes risks. The woman that is capable of loving and, deserves to be loved even more. Besides all of these, I was also able to graduate from University of the Philippines Diliman. I have already built my own house and my own restaurant, which is always visited by many people including well-known people. I am already a millionaire, too.

This time, I found the right man for me and we have a handsome son and a beautiful daughter. We are very thankful to have each other because we have a very loving family.

Of course, I will never forget the people who have been there for me even in the lowest parts of my life. My parents, relatives, and friends.

I will also help other people, especially those in needs. With the help of my family and friends, we will conduct charities in different places.

I am also fulfilling my dreams to travel around the world. I may have travelled some parts of the world, but I still have more time to go.

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