Kate: The Making of a Princess by Claudia Joseph (Book Review)

Title: Kate: The Making of a Princess
Author: Claudia Joseph
Rating: 3/5

Knowing how Kate was brought up was my main reason for  getting this book. I bought this last year in a book sale along with the coffee table book of their royal wedding and as obvious as it is, I am a British Royalty fan – ever since Princess Diana. (have also read her life story HERE.)

The book was rather informative but the first 11 chapters were the story of Kate’s great-great-great grandparents and I wish I should’ve not read those parts because I am mainly interested with Kate’s life and family. If you plan to read the book and has the same sentiments, I suggest you start from the 12th chapter.

That chapter  started by narrating her childhood days with her parents and her sister Pippa and younger brother James. Some of her former classmates also made some statements about her when she was younger which then progresses to her teenage years until she studied in St. Andrews where she met her Prince Charming. It also then continue until she finished college and all the royal gatherings she has and has not attended.

I felt a little betrayed because the cover page was about the couple’s engagement but the ending of the book was not the engagement part. It was published before the proposal and made me realize that in reading a biography, it would be better if it’s an autobiography or any story in which the main person I want to know, has a direct participation because I started to question the accuracy of each detail presented. It is more of a compilation of all the public knowledge and statements which may or may not be true. I would love to read  a biography of Kate from her own perspective and it would have been so much better and would make a lot more difference.


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