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Leadership Smarts by Ken Blanchard (Book Review)

leadership smartsTitle: Leadership Smarts
Author: Ken Blanchard
Ratings: 5/5

This is a 40 minute read book about leadership. Why sudden interest on those? Maybe because I somehow wanted to step up and try to be a leader somehow.

Teachers, managers, supervisors, councilors, political leaders, mentors, those people that we look up to need to have a peek on this book. It may just look like those other books in the market nevertheless, it can make a difference. It can fuel you up to be the best leader that you could be. The messages are short yet will give you a nudge and make you realize a lot of things about your leadership or if you are a subordinate, you might give this book to you leader and wish he/she could read it.

leaadership smarts 2

The page above must have been the best part for me. Knowing that success is not permanent and failure is not fatal.

leadership smarts 3

It also teaches us about work and life balance.

leadership smarts 4

Setting goals for you and your team is also important.

leadership smarts 5

Those words are enough for you to get your ass up and work on those changes that you want in your life.

PS: This book has been on my sister’s shelf but I never paid attention to it. I didn’t ask permission to read it but nevertheless, thanks Trina.


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