Life and Death by Stephenie Meyer (Book Review)


imageTitle: Life and Death (Twilight Reimagined)
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Rating: 4/5

Of course, Twilight is much better.  No doubt on that. The previous version has much more adventures and mishaps than this one, and Life and Death can never be compared with it – it’s just unfair.

On the other hand, this book has struck me at first, as an identical version with a gender swap perspective (but there is more to it!).

I also expected this to be boring because a guy’s point of view is point-blank – no sugar and spice unlike a girl’s mind (I don’t expect Beau to describe Edythe the way Bella did with Edward, it can be so wrong.).

And unfortunately, it got me bored with the same chapter with Twilight – the least chapter I liked.

It’s the part, with too much human interaction with their human friends – an ordinary chapter.

Somehow, I also kept on thinking about Twilight when I read this, because I was trying to connect what happened on certain scenes, but somehow when I realized that it’s really a different story, I gave up and just go on with the flow

(I even thought of reading it alternately per chapter just to feed my curious mind, and glad I didn’t because it’s just incomparable).

If you are team Jacob too, just like me, don’t expect too much of it in this book.

This is more vampire-y than you thought. No werewolf interaction (there was, but “just like that”; nothing very special) and it’s like Twilight saga all in one – it’s like a concise version. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but, I don’t think this was written to surpass the original version.

It was however refreshing and as a fan, made me more excited about a vampire’s point of view – either of Edward or Edythe, I will surely be wanting to know more about it.

 "Yes, you are exactly my brand of heroine."

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The new version is noticalbly longer than the original and they formatted it in a way where both book were together and you simply flipped it over for the other version. The book is very heavy but I do have small arms and hands so it may just be me. I was happy with many things in this sense Stephenie also wanted to fix little things that always bugged her in the original which was fun to see.


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