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Looking Back 6 – Prehistoric Philippines by Ambeth Ocampo (Book Rview)

Philippines, Ambeth Ocampo, Philippines HistoryTitle: Looking Back 6 – Prehistoric Philippines
Author: Ambeth Ocampo
Rating: 5/5

It was my recent travels that made me really interested about the Philippines – heroes, history, movies etc.. I always had a dream of a better country in the future. I want a Philippines that will be enjoyed by the Filipino people; not only those who were privilege enough to work abroad and successful businessmen.

I wish that people with simpler lives, who manages and chose to stay here have the luxury to feel and see the beauty of this country.

The Prehistoric Philippines by Ambeth Ocampo has strengthen that dream of mine. Knowing how beautiful the beaches are in this country, how industrious the people are – sure, it is the innate gifts that has been bestowed upon us, that made other countries want to invade us – Japan, America and Spain to name the three foreign lands that conquered us, some hundred years ago.

Prehistoric Philippines is about this country before those times – when we were part of a “tribal age” when we don’t have religion yet and when we believe on superstitions.

Makes me wonder, what does Manila looks like before all the honking cars, buildings and traffic that we have now. It was just a thought that I know I will never be able to experience thus, old photos of places always fascinates me.

If you just want to chill and has an inclination to Philippine history, then this book is for you.

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