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Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav (Book Review)

Title: Love and Misadventure
Author: Lang Leav
Ratings: 5/5

Poetry: the least type of literature that I thought I’d be interested in (though I’ve written some of my own before). But because of this book, I realized how inclined I really was: A poem, I thought, can sweep me off my feet.

As I was reading it, I smiled in reverie and felt some goosebumps too, all over my body. It was deja vu. I suddenly felt all the things I’ve felt about love before –excitement, fear, intimidation, disappointments, sorrow, anger, happiness and the list is endless.

An hour: That’s the amount of time that I spent reading this little gem. Maybe because it was too short but then, its brevity was dream-like. My past encounter about love just suddenly passed by like a movie in my head – poem after poem.

It didn’t only touched my heart but so as my soul. That part of me I have long forgotten. That part I never wanted to revisit and has buried – that part when my heart was broken.

I also remembered all the poems I have written to all the boys I’ve loved and almost loved before. Funny how creative a brokenhearted girl can be and how romantic one can be when in love.

Here are some of my favorite poems:

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  • Other favorite poems:
    A Stranger, Page 29
    Wallflower, Page 31
    His Cause and Effect, Page 35
    Closure, Page 55
    A Question, Page 57
    The Girl He Loves, Page 91
    Wishful Thinking, Page 99
    Swan Sing, Page 107
    He and I, Page 113
    A Fairy Tale, Page 121
    All or Nothing, Page 131

Lang Leave, you are one talented poet. Thank you for your poems. 🙂

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The book “Love and Misadventures” by Lang Leav is a light and relaxing book to have for you who enjoy simple yet meaningful poems. If you enjoy love themed poetries, this book is for you. If you don’t like complex or confusing poetry, this book is for you. If you never read poetry, but wanting to try one, this book is definitely for you. “Love and Misadventures” could really turn you into a poetry addict.


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