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Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern (Book Review)

Title: Love, Rosie
Author: Cecelia Ahern
Rating: 5/5

I just finished reading this book and as I was writing this review, I have over flowing emotions – I want to cry but is also really very happy of its ending.

The book is a journey, about love – true love but I also find it as, stupid kind of love, with two people who didn’t realize that they love each other more than anything in the world. They have to go through multiple mishaps and broken relationships with another, until they realize that they are made for each other – its always a classic episode of “wrong timing”.

Sophie Kinsella, as you all know is my go-to author, if I need a chic lit and a good read. But this time around, Cecilia Ahern  is her one tough competitor, in my heart. This is my first Ahern book and she did it with a bang.

When my two sisters finished this book in a breeze, I know, I’ll also enjoy it. As much as they did.

This book is a compilation of letters, that narrates the whole plot. I have not read any book that was written this way. It’s usually a “she said”, “he said” type and usually, the email exchanges, love letters or instant messages, would just be a part of the whole story. Thus, makes it unique and was the reason why I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy every page of it.

Watching a film about a book usually spoils my read and can affect my review too, but this time around, it didn’t. Because the movie has a different plot and is 60% different from its book counterpart.

Two best friends in love. This is the main menu of this book and though it seems to be a cliche, it was written in a manner that will catch your attention from the first page of it.

After reading, it’ll make you think of taking chances in love and follow your heart. No matter how bizarre the situation is, instead of waiting for a lifetime just to find the happiness that has been there all along – waiting for your valiant self to grab it.

This by far is my favorite love story for this year. 🙂

Quotes from the book:

“I wake up in the morning and I feel like I’m missing something. I know that there’s something not right, and it takes me a while to remember what it is . . . then I remember. My best friend is gone. My only friend. It was silly of me to rely so much on one person.”


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Just in case you were looking for a new Cecelia Ahern book, please don’t make the same mistake I made. I think this is a Europen release of “Rosie Dunne”. And I also understand that it’s also going by the name “Love, Rosie” ……… but it’s still one of my most favorite books ever! I love this author and this book rocks by any name. I give it 10 starz!



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