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Lullabies by Lang Leav (Book Review)

Title: Lullabies
Author: Lang Leav
Rating: 5/5

Just like Love and Misadventure, this is another masterpiece written by the very talented author, Lang Leav.

The two books were so alike in a sense of how it makes the reader feel her every word and every poem.

Again, I was transported back to my past, making me feel weak again – which makes this book, freakin’ awesome!

Though the writer and the reader can be a total stranger to each other, somehow, it feels like this person (author) knows your every secret – your feelings behind every rejection and what you are afraid of. At some point, you’d feel vulnerable again. Makes you think, “How can she possibly know all of these?” Right then, she can make you realize, you are not alone with that feeling – someone shared the same grief as you did.

She has the capacity to connect with her readers just by writing her heart out. Thus, made it more appealing.

Thank you Lang Leav for the poems. A reflection of every feeling of love, regret, sadness and joy.

Some Words from the book.

How could I have stopped him from taking what was already his?

The greatest heartache comes from loving another soul,
They said, beyond reason, beyond doubt, with no hope of salvation.

You began losing pieces of them until one day, there was nothing left.

I want you to know how sorry I am for pushing you away
When I had only meant to bring you closer.

I don’t know if what we had was love, but if it wasn’t,
I hope never to fall in love.
Because of you, I know I am too fragile to bear it.

Lullabies 2 (1) Lullabies 2 (2)

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The words are too precious and sacred to be read silently and kept in your head. Each poem is meant for you to read to someone special in your life, or meant to be read to you by someone you have loved or have loved you or hurt you. The words are a beautiful lullaby, softly spoken, in whispers, but with burning emotions. The words are a graceful song, but surely not to put you to sleep. Instead, they are words that awaken your soul, heals and hammers your heart. Regardless if they are calm or painful, the words remind you that you are alive and able to feel all these emotions. They remind you to stay awake for love.


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