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Author: Bob Ong

MacArthur is a novel written by a Filipino author Bob Ong in 2007. It was written in Filipino and depicts the culture and reality happening here in the Philippines. Bob Ong uses humor in this story not to entertain people but to inform them the reality and meaning behind this text. The title of the book is not based on the history but what did General Douglas MacArthur say, “I shall return”.

MacArthur is about the struggle of the Filipino youth to overcome their personal problems and the influence of people and other things like alcohol and drugs.

MacArthur taught us what really is happening in our society, the people who are struggling because of the problems that they are facing. The life of four characters in the story Cyrus, Voltron, Jim, and Noel depicts some situation of Filipino households who are also facing same problems in their lives.

The characters portrayed that people really need someone to understand and love who really they are.

MacArthur showed us the reality there are really people who are using the illegal way for them to live even if this cause them harm. Also, that there are people who are addicted to drugs because of the influence of the other people, who are stop going to school because of the financial difficulty, who are going to do anything for their love ones. This story mirrored the real life situation of some people out there who doesn’t have the choice but do it in the illegal way.

This story made us feel sad because of what happen to Voltron, happy because of they didn’t left each other even if it’s hard, angry because of the policeman who represent some of the authority who are using their powers in other people.

The story ended when Noel came back to his family and his family accepted him wholeheartedly. This tell us that even in the hardest situation our family will always accept our flaws and mistakes and will always be there for us.

The book showed the different struggles of Filipino youth faces today- drugs, employment, education, social and economic status, the expectations of family, and the judgment of the society .

While reading the book, we experienced being happy, sad, tense, and angry because of the happenings written on the book. We like how the author delivered the story of MacArthur.

This book can be an eye-opener to the people who thinks that drug use will allow them to forget the problems that they are having and the people that uses illegal ways of earning money.

The book clearly showed the effects of doing this illegal doings. Other than that, we think that this book can also be an eye-opener for other people and the relatives of a drug addict- they should understand them because drug addicts are also human who needs attention, understanding, extra love and care, education and not to be judged by other people.

4 stars out of 5.

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